Monday, February 14, 2011


"Diana, will you swear to be my Bosom Friend forever?"
"But mother says it's wicked to swear."
"Well I guess it's not a swear, but a promise."
"Will you do it?"
"I, Anne Shirley, solomnly swear to be forever faithful to my bosom friend Diana Barry, as long as the sun and moon shall endure."
"Now you say it."
"I, Diana Barry, solomnly swear, to be forever faithful to my bosom friend, Anne Shirley, as long as the sun and moon--"
"Shall endure."
"Shall endure."

Happy Valentines Day to all of my bosom blogging friends...I'm sorry that I've been out of touch for so long...Consider this my return...


  1. Yeah! Happy Valentine's too you! This is the best gift. ;)

  2. I am have missed your blogging and missed you my friend.

  3. yay for reajourning! :)
    you are the BEST shannon!

    thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful comment today on my blog, you MADE MY WHOLE DAY! seriously, i appreciate it so much.

    AND YES YES YES YES i am going to women's conference in april, with patsy and the rest of the gang and we would ALL be head over heels to meet you! i feel like i know you already so getting to meet you is just icing on the cake! we need a lunch date or a dinner date or something...for real, the girls will be so excited to hear the news!

    i can't wait!

    happy valentine's day cute friend.
    ...i just can't believe you're not my neighbor, how unfair.

  4. that is one of my favorite books. :) Glad to see you back on the blog. :)

  5. me too- also, love your new look!

  6. Oh, Anne. And bosom friends. Two of my favorite things.