Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New York Trade Show

I was so excited when Susan told me a few months ago that she usually takes someone from her staff with her to the New York Trade Show. Being that I'm now one of her staff peeps, I invited myself.. er um...I mean, agreed to go with her.

Since Heather was already planning to fly out to Philadelphia for a visit anyway, when she found out that she could go to the show as well, she flew out a day earlier so she could attend.

We met at Susan's house at 7:15am on Monday, Feb 1 (with plans to drive into the city--thanks to my insisting that 'tis less of a hassle to drive in than take the train). I'm usually only the passenger when Brian and I drive in, and it always seems so effortless and easy. Go figure!

When we finally made it through the Lincoln Tunnel, we had already been on the road for about 3 1/2 hours! (taking 2 wrong turns, and traffic put us majorly behind schedule!) This trip should take 1 hour 45 minutes TOPS!

Can you tell in the picture that Susan is giving me the stink eye?

Here's what time it was as we were walking into the show....
(Alright, so maybe driving in wasn't such a swell idea)

But Oh!--the day we had!! There were so many fabulous things to see...Like these coffee sack covered chairs for starters!! Could you just die?! I love things made out of old feed sacks, too...

I think it was at this moment that the official case of the greeds set in!

This booth was one of my favorites...I love all the details they used to merchandise their products such as the paperwhites and fresh quince branches...

This booth was another one of our favorites...
These tee towels just scream HAPPY! Look at those gorgeous colors and prints?!

I found more than a few things to gush over...
This table cloth was one of them...
When did I officially become the poultry guru?

I love the way this miniature dress form has a skirt made from vintage receipts...

This container booth was such a breath of fresh air...Just to see how these vibrant flowers were displayed was a gift to the eyes...

This unusual variety of dianthus was too cute for words!

And this is so simple yet sweet...

One final self portrait and we were on our way back to the suburbs...
Fortunately, we had better luck on our drive back and made good time...

It was fun to recap all the sights and sounds from the day together as we were heading home...
I have such fun with these two kindred friends!
Thanks for letting us tag along, Susan!


  1. Lucky! That looks like a wonderful good time. I usually have to drag my husband along because he's my bestie, but he's just not so much fun with that kind of shopping.

  2. I like the picture with the coffee sack covered chairs the best. I liked the color of the table too, and the flowers on it. And the furniture thing (I am sure it has a name) with all the plates behind it. :) How fun!

  3. Great photos to be sure! And yes, it was a super entertaining day with the likes of you two.

    Can't wait for the goods to start streaming in...

    I guess I'll keep you around for the entertainment factor.

  4. Hey, that loooks like a great trip! I need your expertise here at my house Shannon!

  5. so glad you are back in blog town. i love to see your visuals. your taste is always validating and beautiful, so fun to see what you are up to. coffee sack chairs perfect... the dress form - perfection, i actually need that. that b-day party looks like a party i want to have for me, looked amazing. and isn't Rylie adorable! So pretty in her white dress. i have been in that driving situation half my life in NY, feel your pain.

  6. That kind of driving raises my blood pressure.

    Those tea towels are just plain happy!

    Your new banner is darling. If it's the border you want to get rid of, I might be able to help you out.

  7. Yeah you are back and blogging up a storm! You go girl! I love the "stink eye comment"

  8. those tea towels ARE happy - tea towels of any kind make me happy! and those little bird vases, oh be still my heart!

    i'm a little jealous officially.