Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tubing on Blue Mountain

Two weeks ago, we told the kids to gather their snow gear together because we were going to help someone shovel their driveway...
Brian and I had secretly planned to take them tubing to Blue Mountain in the Poconos...

As far as the weather went, the day seemed picture perfect when we started out. But the farther north we went, it got progressively gloomier and colder...

It took us a half an hour just to find a parking spot! The lines were soooo long and that was frustrating. I should have taken a picture of the sign that said there was an hour wait.

We had a blast! How is it that in all my 40 years, I have never gone tubing?

I never managed to get a self portrait with anyone but Jake! The wind and cold kind of made us all a little discombobulated...
We left around 6:30pm and stopped at a Denny's for dinner...but ended up not staying due to the 1/2 hour wait, (what the?!---it's DENNY'S, people! Could this really be THAT in demand?!)
We finally ended up at Panera Bread for hot soup and their signature mac and cheese...ahhh....pure bliss! This was my pick from the beginning, but had gotten out voted...
This day was definitely a fun memory for our family....


  1. What a fun surprise for the kids! I can just imagine telling our kids that and having the youngest ones complain about shoveling and then not wanting to take them anymore...

    We went tubing last weekend and I wish I'd thought to take a picture of just the tubes! Great shot.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Great pictures! What kind of camera are you guys using? It really captures the moment...

  3. I can never keep surprises--but I see the worth in making something fun! It looks like a lot of fun--I'm need to do things that I've never done before too!

  4. It sounds and looks like so much fine. I am happy that you all came back in one piece. Tubing is definitely not the winter sport for me!

  5. I LOVE tubing!!! I havent been since highschool. These pictures make me want to go again. I'll bet the kids had a blast!

  6. a new entry for my bucket list! looks like you guys had a blast. nice family outing.

  7. That looks like so much fun. I haven't done that in a super long time and don't think my kids have ever gotten to do that.