Thursday, February 17, 2011

...And then I turned 40!

To celebrate my 40th birthday this year, (Feb 2), I got by with a little help from my friends!

Since Rob (Heather's husband) and I share the same birthday, it has become our tradition to celebrate our birthdays doing something special as couples...and this year was no exception!

My mom was able to come and watch the kids for us so we could go to NYC overnight...

We went to Pongsri Thai (that and Rain are my favorite thai restaurants in the city)
Check out this great window seat we got!

Then it was on to see Memphis on Broadway...I was a little skeptical (even though Memphis has earned a few Tony's) because I'm not a big rhythm and blues kind of gal...but it turned out to be one heck of a show...

I love going to Broadway shows! It never gets boring for me...I think being part of a broadway company would be the coolest thing EVER!!!

This review for Montego Glover is smack on!

Times Square at night...

It was so much fun walking around after the show...Heather and I kept getting silly with these self portraits...I'm not sure why it is that we always hunch down but this picture is the best one of the bunch. At one point, I was laughing so hard that you couldn't even detect that I had eyes!

We stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate and ended up staying for over an hour talking about everything under the sun from books we've read to crazy, co-joined twins and stuff like weird obsessions people have...(I.E. people who eat their own hair follicles, toilet paper)...Good times!

The two employees that worked there found out it was my birthday and gave me a free hot chocolate and cupcakes...It was such a sweet gesture...Who says New Yorkers are jerks?

We stayed overnight in the Crown Plaza and woke up to this rain/ice/sleet storm. (P.S. the ground hog DID NOT see his shadow!) Our kids ended up having a snow day back home because the roads were so treacherous. Fortunately for us, by the time we were ready to drive home, it was starting to melt.
We did a session at the Manhattan temple which was really nice, especially since my dear friend, Angela, who still lives in the city, was able to join us.
Dang it! Why didn't I get a picture of us outside of the temple?! grrrrrrr

We had a family birthday party the next day, since we didn't get home until fairly late on Wednesday.
My mom made a delicious dinner of steak and roasted potatoes and fired up the candles on this bonfire mean cake. That's 40 big ones, folks, in case you were wondering! I think the heat singed my nose hairs!

When I asked my mom what kind of cake it was before I cut into it. She
said it was just "some store bought cake". Then she handed me a box and said that if there was any left over, I could store it in that. Printed on the box was "Smith Island Bakery"...which has a special meaning to us. She and I had this cake when we went on our trip to Virginia this past year. This is the 9 layer cake that we loved....It was such a wonderful surprise that she made arrangements to have one made for me and delivered....I've got a great mom!

So there you have it! I've entered into a new club...(not sure I'm loving saying I'm forty something, now...)


  1. Excuse me but I have been in the club for five years and I can honestly say it is an elite club and very stylish!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday my sweet friend. Love you bunches and miss ya. I said a prayer for you when I read that it had been your birthday. So sorry I didn't know. Lisa

  2. Now that's how you celebrate a birthday! It all looks like so much fun. I don't tire of Broadway shows, either.

    That is some cake – 8 layers!!

  3. Beautiful lights in the city. Someday I hope to visit New York.

    (I wish I was still forty...that was almost two years ago. Jeesh I feel old!)

  4. Dang. I was hoping for a copy of the recipe...I saw the report of your birthday and cake on your mom's blog! Cool.

    Sounds like you and the Merrills really had a fun time in NYC (and Brian, of course!).

    40 is a new beginning. Get on with it!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Welcome to the club!! Your cake looks soooo very yummy!!!

  6. What a fun, fun 40th birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

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  8. i love your birthdays- they're always fun. glad i could be there for this big one.

  9. This looks like a really fun way to celebrate turning 40. I would have acknowledged that in the gift I sent you had I realized it, but for some reason I thought you were turning 39...what the?

    I informed Randy just last night that it will be best for everyone if I am not in town when I turn 40 this July.

  10. i'm so LAME that i didn't get anything sent...YET. i promise something is coming. i'm so far behind! i knew it was your special day though and i sent happy vibes from utah. lame.

    and that cake, oh my oh my, seriously?! cutest mother EVER. i'm so glad you got a photo of that gorgeous thing! happy happy birthday.