Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Why is it that the week before Mother's Day, I seem to feel the most undeserving of being honored as a mother? This week was no exception! Hormones were kicking in and I was being down-right crabby to everyone who dared to be near me!...
Apparantly, no one held any grudges against me because when I came downstairs this morning, this was waiting for me at my spot at the table...

AHHH!!! the breakfast of champions!
I found this to be amusing and cute that the kids thought that since I'm such a candy nut, I would enjoy eating this for breakfast! Notice the milky way on the spoon?! I was very touched by their thoughtfulness.
Even better than having a candy breakfast was the fact that no one was fighting or arguing! They were all just sitting there, anxiously awaiting my arrival to the table! How great was that?!

A poem/card from Jake...(interesting analogies )
(I must admit I said "what the?!" a few times!

A card from Reilly that she made in school...(I was intrigued by the fact that she included "my mom takes me to Disney World" as what she likes me to do with her)-- P.S.--we've never gone there!--is this one of those "not so subtle hints"? She also wrote down that I'm good with math and numbers...(maybe she misunderstood the question!--I suck at math!! That's one of the perks to being married to Brian!--he's the polar opposite of me!! He used to be in the math club!)
Do you think I should be troubled by the fact that she thinks I'm special because I have her help me clean the floor? What does this say about me as a mother??! Yikes!

Ellie's contribution...(so cute!)

We went out to eat last night as an early Mother's Day present...

As an added bonus, "The Relax Shop" was offering free foot rubs and face tickles!

This is such a treat for me! When my sister, Katie, was around Jake's age, I used to get her to tickle my face and arms with a paintbrush by bribing her. I had a drawer in my room that I kept old semi-dried up nail polishes and cheap perfume. Who wouldn't want a chance to get into THAT bribe drawer?! I mean, REALLY!

Here I am in a state of relaxed euphoria!

And now for my Mother's Day quote for the day:

"It is the mother who inculcates in the lives of children a nobility of soul that leads them instinctively to love the beautiful, the genuine, the virtuous, and, as instinctively, to turn from the ugly, the spurious, and the vile. Home is the center from which woman rules the world. It is there she teaches her child self-restraint, develops in him the confidence and strength that spring from self-control. It is there the child learns respect for the rights of others. It is in a well-directed home that men and women first develop a consciousness that true happiness lies in conforming one's life to the laws of nature and to the rules of social conduct...

"Yes, the woman wields a mighty influence! Let that influence be felt even more potently throughout the Church and our communities in the protection of our homes from the impurities that are now sweeping the nation. The Lord bless every mother, every woman, that she may be wise and strong in teaching our boys and girls in maintaining ethical standards and in being exemplary examples to young people in all the world."--David O. McKay

I am grateful to my own mother for being my rock throughout my life...even when it hasn't always been easy to support some of my decisions.
She has been a tremendous support and example to me...

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Your kids are so sweet! Happy Mother's Day, Shannon!

  2. Holy Moly, what a breakfast!! (I've been known to eat a few marshmellow peeps, myself!)

    Great encouraging quotes and your personal day was entertaining! I'm especially envious of the foot rub station. As for tickeling...the feather/paintbrush's a family fettish that goes way back!

  3. hah, the poem made me laugh out loud. you have such cute and thoughtful kids. I'm glad you had a great Mother's day.

  4. i love little "mother" questioniers the kids fill out at school - some of their answers are such a crack up. and that poem, oh my gosh, so funny, i think you should read it at his wedding!

    i love that you had a bribe drawer growing up. maybe i need one of these for my kids now? :)

    happy candy-for-breakfast mother's day! you deserve it!

  5. That is TOTALLY my kind of breakfast!!!

  6. That breakfast is so adorable!

    I think Jake's poem is great. I really need to get my kids to rub my feet some time.

    I'm glad you had a good day!

  7. What sweet kids to give their mom candy for breakfast! I love the things the kids make at school, it is always interesting to see how they think. My 6th grader wrote down some interesting things and my 16 year old asked him if they had the same Mom!

  8. Hip Hip Hooray--we survived another Mother's Day!

  9. "the noise of a whitch?" Hmmm it does sound like you had a rough week. I've had many of those. Good thing our kids love us unconditionally! Sounds like a very nice day, and thanks for the great quote. Happy Belated Mother's Day! You are a great mom!

  10. i think that candy breakfast is brilliant. just brilliant!

  11. oh, and by the way i cried most the day because i felt so unworthy. sigh. mother dear i love you so, thanks for yelling at me all the time. it is painful to remember how much you fall short, and it seems to usually happen the day of or the day before mother's day, you know hormones just work that way, i guess.

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  13. yay!!!! :o( whatever that was about- i couldn't comment... ggggrrrrr anyway- looks like some of my genes have trickled down-- candy for breakfast -yay!

  14. I love the poem! It's so great! And the butterflies! These are treasures!!! The candy is nice too. So cute! Your kids love you!

    I also think it is funny when kids say that I do things or love things or am things that are totally not even close. But it just adds to the magic of how our kids see us and love us.

    I'm so glad that you had a happy mother's day!

  15. That is the best meal ever! And, what a nice boy to rub your feet! When I asked for that, my son ran the other way screaming something about therapy...


  16. what a great day! and i love that quote. honestly, i need to try harder to not yell lately. every time i read a post on moms, i realize that more and more.... and so i choose to confess it on your blog. nice, jen.

    anyway- i love that breakfast, too! :) yum!!