Friday, May 29, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Jake told me a few weeks ago that he had seen a snapping turtle down by the bus stop. I've been panicked about this ever since because snapping turtles are one thing that you don't want inhabiting a pond! Since the kids spend a lot of time frogging, catching tadpoles and fish, a snapping turtle in the vicinity is bad news! Not to mention, my ducks would make a fine meal for this guy!

Brian spotted it again last Saturday starting to make it's way across the street onto our side (destination: pond!) I immediately gave him the command to shoot it with his pellet gun! I'm very anti-hunting and killing animals for sport, but this was just something that had to be done.

If this were the kind of thing that we could just capture and release it somewhere else then we would have done that. These guys are mean and we would risk getting chunks taken out of us in the relocation attempt. I felt pretty bummed out about the whole thing the whole day. I just hated seeing an innocent thing die like that.

2. Onto a lighter topic...

When the kids were all looking for souvenirs the other day at Hershey Park, I kept trying to convince Reilly to purchase something that had "Hershey" printed on it. Instead, she chose these "Barbie" sunglasses which could be purchased ANYWHERE!

I noticed the "souvenir-ized" sunglasses yesterday with "Hershey Park" written on them in marker.

This just cracked me up to no end!--Most of the time she seems to resent any advice that I offer her and even if deep down, she might agree with what I'm saying, she will do the complete opposite just to be defiant. She usually ends up ultimately taking my advice, but only later and I can't make any mention of it and say things like "I told you so"...

3. My neighbor, Lynda, and I put together this box of goodies for a guy that is serving in the military in Afghanistan. He is someone who is serving with my blogger friend, Jen's, husband Shane. Shane had mentioned to Jen that this man never gets any letters or packages. We had a great time thinking of things that he might enjoy. The kids all drew cute pictures and we wrote him a letter. I don't know why I didn't scan the cards to document! Oh well...just know that they were really sweet.

This was originally intended to be done over Memorial Day weekend, but the time just got away from me. So....better late than never....

4. This is how big of a weakness for candy that I have...
These Mike & Ikes were originally intended for the military goody box. I couldn't even resist having them in my house for one measly afternoon! It was a toss up of these or Hot Tomales!
I am soooo getting diabetes!

I eat them in, pink, orange, yellow and! I don't like the green flavor even though it's my favorite color...Go figure!

5. Be still my heart! My first peony opened today! This variety is called 'Gay Paree' and usually opens before the 'Sarah Burnhart' ones do. Can you believe that nature can produce such beauty and perfection?! I mean REALLY!

**Would you have tried to capture the turtle and relocate it?
**Did you think it was funny that Reilly "souvenir-ized" her sunglasses?
**Have you sent any "good mail" to someone serving in the military lately?
**Are you a candy nut?
**Is that peony just crazy beautiful, or what?!


  1. I totally would have eaten some of the candy too.

  2. i love the sunglasses, that is hilarious.
    i am sure no one will ever know they didn't come like that! my girl is so the same way she is sporting the nastiest blister ever because her mom told her to wear socks, but of course SHE DIDN'T NEED THEM!!!. turns out...she did

  3. oh, and yes i wold have just bought myself an extra box. i know my limitations. love mike & ike's lately they are one of my favorites.

  4. holy smokes! that package rocks!!! :) way more creative than i am able to get! he will love it. i should tell you he's known as the "bug slayer" in the unit- b/c he's the preventative medicine guy. he slays all the nasty things that could kill them. also gives orders to stay away from the stray animals in the area (shane has a tendency to gravitate towards the stray dogs and brian has had to lecture him on the necessity of NOT going near them!). thanks for sending that!

    those sunglasses are cracking me up. and what is it about girls and mothers, especially...and advice. hmmmm...

    poor turtle. but you're right- it had to be done for the greater good. nature works that way.

    those flowers are GORGEOUS. i wish i could make things grow. i'm pretty much just good at making my thighs and butt grow- so if THEY were :)

  5. yes, I would've tried to divert the turtle somehow before it got to the pond and get it taken care of. was it a big turtle? I wouldn't want that thing in there with Sunny. Have you seen him lately by the way?

  6. also, what Reilly did to those glasses cracked me up too. I think she really did want to remember they came from a great trip to Hershey Park:-)

  7. My biggest downfall is candy, even over cake, ice cream and cookies.

    Your daughter seems to have quite a sense of humor. Pretty cute to write Hershey on there.

  8. I didn't realize that snapping turtles were so mean. If they really are a threat to your kids and your pond then I think you did the right thing. It would have made me feel bad too. We relocated a large snake once. But it wasn't going to come back or bite us.

    I think it is sweet and heart-warming that she souvinierized her sunglasses! Those types of moments make having kids very sweet.

    I haven't sent good mail to someone in the military. But I should. It's a wonderful thing to do.

    I am not a candy nut. I did like the way you rainbowized your mike n ikes. Very nice. :)

    Yes, the flower is BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a super weekend!

  9. reilly cracks me up- what a girl!!! great idea about the pkg. he will love it-

  10. reilly reminds me of josh with the whole "defiance" thing. maybe you should send her to the military so they will make her snap out of it, as well. hahah.. kidding.

    so.. wait, you killed that turtle? sheesh!

    also.. i LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE Peony's! They are my absolute favorite flower! (Lilac doesn't count, since I just love them for their scent.) I wanted Peony's as my wedding bouquet, but they were not in season. That is a beautiful picture!

  11. Turtle killer? who knew ;)
    those things sound scary!!

    How wonderful that you sent a box to a soldier this is so great- I'm sure he will love it!

    I have a deep love of candy too.
    I have a bag of gummy frogs in my purse right now...
    All of my peonies are blooming right now- they are scrumptious!I have several all the colors, red, pink & white, but I don't know their "real" name- the are so gorgeous. My iris's are blooming too. I love them. Yours below are my favorite. We had some like those in our last yard. I love the little ones, don't have any in my yard right now, I have a bunch of different big one- don't you love my official gardening words? "big ones.. little ones" I am lucky to have anything going in the gardening department...
    on that note- my green beans are coming up! they are so cute. I haven't blogged about very much going on here because there is just plain too much going on- it's overwhelming living it- let alone writing about it. I will be so relieved when next week is over-

  12. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  13. I'm wondering if the defiant thing is a middle child thing. It would interesting to find out.....mmmmmm.

  14. darn those defiant kids! at least she takes your advise later, better than not taking it at all! :)

    and snapping turtles? yikes. that's hard. glad you saved your sweet ducks from being a snapping treat.

    awesome job on the box of treats for the soldier, i'm sure he will be thrilled with all the great stuff you guys thought of. not so sure how his bunk-mates will feel about the box of practical joke stuff though. :)

    you are incredibly thoughtful and generous. and...i love your blog. :)

  15. I'm still laughing about you eating the candy. What a great idea, though. We need to send a goody box to a military guy.

    Good pic of the flower, very beautiful!

    Don't feel bad about the turtle. You have to protect your family...

    (My parents are moving because the want a different house. Can't help but feel a little rejected since we moved across the street to help them. I should send you a picture of my rose bush for your diagnosis. I think it is extreme neglect disease. What kind of fertilizer? Is there a special kind for roses?)

  16. I would prefer the capture and relocate option on the turtle, but don't have any snapping-turtle combat skills so I would probably just have to move. Ha.

    That's too funny that Reilly wrote on her glasses!

    It's so great that you sent Shane's fellow soldier such a great package!

    I do enjoy Mike & Ikes, but don't have to eat them in any special order.

  17. shannon, i didn't even realize that was you who had commented a while back!! there's another shannon who regularly comments- silly me! i certainly need to update myself on everything going on with you...especially how your duck friends are doing, or "white meatballs".

  18. Just checking in to make sure you're doing OK!