Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Memories...

Brian and I took the kids to Hershey Park for Memorial Day. This was the first year that we didn't go to our ward picnic...

Brian's not a big fan of amusement parks, but we've been hearing so many great things about Hershey and so decided that it would be a fun treat for the kids...
Boy!--were we right!!
The drive to Hershey was beautiful! It was about 2 hours from our house...
Lots of rolling hills and farm land...

It's such a cute park!--Everything is so clean and the staff was wonderful!

The scrambler was the first ride that I went on with the kids...
For whatever reason, ever since I've had children, I get dizzy on rides that I never used to...
I shant be attempting "scramblerish" rides again...
I'll stick to rollercoasters...

Jake was a little scared, but Reilly didn't even flinch!

The park measures the height of each person by candy categories...
Jake was a Twizzler...

Ellie and Reilly were both Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Jake's first roller coaster...The Comet!
He was scared out of his pants!
We all actually went on this one...
The girls seemed unfazed...
We all waited in line for the bumper cars only to be told that Reilly and Ellie were too small to go-
They both erupted into a puddle of tears...
This was about the time that we started to see "donkey ears!"
Brian and I were both laughing about the fact that the kids had that greedy look in their eyes...
We were just waiting to see some tails emerging as well...

To appease the donkeys, we went on a little kiddy water ride...
This seemed to get everyone smiling again...

and then took a stroll through the zoo that they had...
We all fell in love with the prairie dogs...
Is it possible to have these as pets???!!! If so, I'm all over it!

Brian had the privilege of going on this 4 times!

The frog hopper was another favorite...

But nothing compared to this!
The Tidal Force!
We got so utterly soaked! It was a glorious ride! We went on this 4 times!
Note to self: Next time--bring bathing suits!

Midafternoon snack...

sweet friend!

we stopped here for souvenirs...(Reilly chose $10 barbie sunglasses...the same ones that Target sells for $4...) I kept trying to encourage her to get something that was more unique to Hershey, but she wasn't taking my advice--go figure!?

On our way out of the park, we stopped off at Chocolate World for a quick little tour. It's not an actual factory tour, but it is a little ride that takes you through a virtual tour and explains how chocolate is made...It was very interesting
We each got a miniature Hershey bar at the end...
All this talk of chocolate gave me a massive craving for it! I get the same way every time I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...
I'm not a huge fan of regular milk chocolate, (I prefer dark), but I swear, I never enjoyed chocolate more than I did that sample!

It was a great day!! The weather was perfect and the park wasn't overly crowded! Bonus!

I remember counting my lucky stars that Ellie hadn't fallen like she usually does--when, at one point as Jake and I were coming back from the bathroom, Brian told me that she had slipped on the sidewalk and sliced her knee...

Thank goodness Brian works for Johnson and Johnson! We go through bandaids by the hundreds!

As that was our only casualty, I'd say the day was a smashing success!
We definitely will look back on our trip to Hershey Park with fond memories!

**Have you ever been to Hershey Park?
**Are you a fan of roller coasters?
**Do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?


  1. I've been to Hershey Park many times--I have many good memories.

  2. I have always wanted to go there. I love the pictures, it seems you guys had an awesome time:-) Lucky:-)
    I especially love the reeses man. yum!

  3. Hershey Park is one of the places I'd like to go in my life time. I want to go to the factory where they make all the chocolate! I've heard that Hershey Penn. smells like chocolate.

    I used to be fine with roller coasters. They never phased me much. At this point, they usually give me motion sickness.

    I prefer dark chocolate. But some very fresh very fine milk chocolate is also very good.

    Your daughters looked so pretty in their dresses! Loved them!

  4. Looks like you guys had so so much fun (i'm secretly kind of jealous).

    Ellies face in the kiddy water ride picture is priceless! oh my goodness, she is so cute.

  5. I love dark chocolate too!
    The little girls in their matching dresses look so cute. Such fun Summer colors.
    I thought it was pretty cute how the amusement park measures the kids with candy. That was fun to me. My son Elder Fisher who is in Pennsylvania on his mission got to go to Hershey World about a year ago. (He gets home in 13 days!) We are just way too excited around here about that.
    I love roller coasters and will ride most anyone, bring it on!

  6. I get nauseous from rides since having kids too! It's such a pisser because it really keeps me from having fun at places like this.

    The girls look so cute in those dresses!

    I enjoy water rides, but that one looks like a major soaker, whoa.

  7. YAY for Hershey's! I was totally looking for you at the picnic, but you were somewhere so much better!!

    I'm jealous of the roller coaster action... I normally love roller coasters but am pretty sure that riding one right now would either result in me popping my baby out as I went around a curve, or would end up with me needing a fresh change of pants.

    I guess I'd need new pants either way, eh?

  8. Nate and I went there a few years ago when we came to see you... it was hot as hades!!! but fun. we didnt do the rides - we only had 2 hours. The smell there was amazing. Glad everyone had a good time!

  9. ps. i like the pinocchio (spelling?)reference... cute and probably very true.

  10. looks like a real success! why didn't we do that park instead of the crayola one --shudder, shudder.. :o) the kids look great- can't wait to see everyone.

  11. I have never even heard of Hershey Park...which is shocking because I know i am their biggest fan:)
    I really think I am going to have to go there, some day some how!
    Also, the chocolate tour sounds very interesting and fun...I would love to see that too.
    Your girls looked so cute in their matching dresses. I was laughing about the 10 barbie sunglasses! I have had the same conversations with my girls, many a time...oh the joys!

  12. there were so many things i loved about this darling post!

    those matching dresses make my heart hurt (in a good way). oh man, i miss the "matching" days of yore.

    i can totally relate to being more nauseated after having kids. what a bummer! as if having a crappy, can't hold an ounce bladder and stretch marks aren't joyous after effects all on their own! i CANNOT handle the spinning things any more. i can't even handle watching the merry-go-round. BUT thank goodness that i can, and will, still ride any roller coaster i can get my hands on because i'm a thrill junkie through and through.

    i died laughing at the soaking wet photo while eating ice cream. delightful!

    they measure your height in candy bars!? that is so cool. now i just want to go get measured but would probably feel bad that i don't make it all the way to jolly rancher status.

    what is up with kids not being tall enough for bumper cars but fine for the comet? we ran into the same thing at our local amusement park. SO frustrating!

    i'm not sure i could own a prarie dog. they're sure cute though.

    AND, finally, all your beautiful photos. the smoke stacks, gorgeous. all of it, so cute. so glad you had such a wonderful day. i definitely need to make it out there some day.

    thanks for sharing!

  13. what a fun day and great weather! I loved the patriotic clothes!

  14. I've never been to Hershey Park. Is it a place big kids, as in teenagers, will love? I dig roller coasters. They are my favorite. (As long as they don't make you stand up, I locked my knees on one of those and blacked out. Not fun!)

    You guys all look so cute and color coordinated. I bet the kids will remember that day for a long time...

  15. i love the picture of you and the kids on the water ride- if only you could photoshop Brian in, that would be a really fun christmas card. i also love that you are all matching. "matchy-matchy!" i don't know how you pull that off, but it sure is classy! looks like a fun day!

  16. what a great day. i'd be totally drunk on chocolate by the end. milk chocolate. yum!
    i love how coordinated you all look!!! that never happens here!!

    and that donkey. so cute!!!!!!

  17. I tried to comment the other day and Internet Explorer told me I couldn't. Or something.

    So glad y'all had such a nice time at Hershey Park--and that it wasn't too crowded (that sucks the fun right out of it for me). I've never been, but hope to someday. It sounds like and ideal amusement park (not too over the top commercialized like a certain mouse).

  18. Definitley a fan of chocolate, never have been nor could be a fan of amusement parks!!

    It looks like a good time was had by all.

  19. I have always wanted to go to hershey park!!!
    i have heard so many wonderful things about it-

    I used to love roller coasters, then last year went on the twirl a whirl at lagoon & I seriously panicked- bad... it was so bad. I almost had a panic attack. It was the first ride of the day & I nearly lost it- I am not sure what that was about but it sufficiently scared me into not getting on anything "fast" ever again- what a wimp!

    The sunglass buying totally cracks me up- kids?
    You love dark chocolate? I love it all-

    how did I miss this post until now? it's this mad may schedule!!