Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to the blog...

Thanks to this stuff, my cold never fully manifested itself, but I took advantage of some extra time off from blogging...(I keep getting in these blogging lulls)

Meet my new nightly obsession!
A friend of ours lent us his entire collection of the tv show, 24-- (up to season 7). I have never been so hooked on anything in my life!
I don't think I could even handle watching it on a weekly basis. I wouldn't be able to deal with the commercial breaks and waiting an entire week to see what happens next.
Every episode keeps me wanting more! I am totally addicted.
It's been nice because Brian and I have been watching it together, and so it has actually brought us closer since we have this nightly routine to look forward to.

Reilly and I went to a mother/daughter play held at the middle school the other night. It was based on the book Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

A group of about 5 actors from New York tour around and perform this at various schools. The young girls all really enjoyed it, but lets just put it this way...at the end, the mom's were able to relate to Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!--It was gruelling to sit through!

It still was a successful night for Reilly and I though, as we made a date out of it. I got a sitter for Ellie because Brian and Jake were on a father and son's campout).

Reilly and I went to Panera Bread for soup and salads. It was a huge hit for her and I felt like we had somewhat of a break-through moment. I will make a point to make these "one on one" outings a tradition. I think that's the key!

I really hate this picture of me--but I wanted to include this self portrait in this post as a memory to her someday of the fun time we had together.

Did you gasp like I did when you saw this poppy?!
I do it every year! The sight of these never ceases to take my breath away! They almost don't look real!!
The salmon colored ones will be blooming shortly as will about 10,000+ rose buds! I wish I had a camera that takes more detailed pictures up close.

This one one of my projects yesterday. It's right up there with mowing the lawn for me! Instant gratification and a total stress releaver. Our holly bushes by our front porch needed some attention, so I fired this baby up and did my thing.

We went to Reilly's end of the year Daisy picnic last night. She had loved being a part of Daisies this year. It was a great way for her to meet some girls from other kindergarten classes.

**Do immune supplements work for you when you feel a cold coming on?

**Have you ever watched 24?

**Does the sight of poppies take your breath away?


  1. I'm glad your cold symptoms didn't turn into the real deal. I feared you were down and out when you weren't posting for awhile. What's up with being in a blogging lull?

    Randy and I watched the first 2 seasons of 24 on dvd and were totally engrossed. We needed a break after the intensity of so many episodes, but haven't gone back yet.

    I love Poppies and find them amazing. I could look at pictures of your yard everyday. What kind of camera do you have? I'd be taking pictures like crazy with such beauty around me.

    I think one-on-one date nights with the kids is such a good idea. I think they feel special and it gives everyone a chance to reconnect.

  2. I have that same poppy growing- thanks to the former owners of my house... I LOVE IT! it does take my breath away!! I wish I was your neighbor & we could trade some services- I am a terrible gardener.... my husband works so hard to keep up on it. He was just called into the bishopbric two days ago & they asked him to stay on as stake YM president until after trek- next month... Our garden will surely suffer unless I get off my rear & out there! oooooh the humanity!

    I love that book- alexander- it was my boy's favorite when they were little- trent doesn't really "get" it.

    Jack just got into 24- but I am scared to start! I know I will love it so maybe we will netflix the seasons this summer- do you think it would be okay for my teens? I think it would be great to watch while quilt binding, but I would probably cut one of my fingers off?

    You seriously don't have to- but if you want to see jack's pictures- go back to the photograpy sight- click on online proofs (top corner) then put in the password- jack (all lower case)

  3. okay- chatty kathy here-

    I forgot to mention the date! How fun!! We went to Panera bRead twice while back east on our trip!! it. is. so. good.- WHY WHY WHY? don't we have something like that here??? I swear mormons don't know good bread.
    I love that reilly is a daisy! I wanted to be a brownie so bad when i was a kid-

  4. poppies definitely take my breath away - they are one of my favorite flowers, especially because they just come back every year and i don't have to put them in over and over!

    a daisy picnic sounds so fun to me - those are the cutest little uniforms i've ever seen! i would've been totally into this as a little kid.

  5. Yes, immune supplements really work. And even sometimes give me energy when I am just tired!

    Your Mommy-daughter date sounds like so much fun. I need to start doing those with my girls. There is no substitute for one-on-one time!

    I'm jealous that you have bushes to trim! I would love some but I don't know where to put any in my yard.

    The poppies are beautiful. They are amazing. My poppy decided to reseed in strange places this year ... like the cracks between the square slabs of our front walk way. Sigh. I guess I'll have to plant seeds myself each year even though they are just supposed to come back spontaneously.

    Part of me is dying to get out in the yard and work right now and the other part remembers how much work it is!

    I've never watched 24!

    I was about to write you an email because I wondered how you were doing with your cold. I'm glad you are feeling better. Everyone deserves to take a break from blogging but I did miss you!

  6. I am slightly obsessed with 24. We started watching it about 4 years ago. My husband refused to watch it this season, because last season was HORRIBLE. This season was much better.

    I love Jack Bauer.

  7. I have missed you on here! I figured you were gardening that huge yard of yours. We have done the same thing that you and Brian have done with 24. We rented all the episodes from Netflix. It was grueling waiting for the next disc to show up. We love that show! We would watch it at night in bed after the kids went to bed. I didn't get much sleep while we were gobbling those episodes up.

    And, yes, herbal supplements work for me most of the time.

  8. that's a fun night out with Reilly! (minus the grueling play part). I watched 24 for a while, after one episode, it does get pretty addicting. you should watch LOST, or do you already? there's another addicting show. big time. glad you are feeling well and you guys are doing well:-)

  9. guess what??? our neighbor ( at our NEW HOUSE)has a patch of poppies. Josie likes to go over and smell or pretend to smell them.


    Tell Ellie that some goodmail will be coming her way shortly again.

  10. I am glad you didn't get sick! (knock on lots of wood) I have been very lucky and have not gotten sick for quite awhile, my family keeps getting sick but not me. I guess I must be immune to everything that is going around right now.

    It is fun to be able to spend one on one time with your kids!

    My Mom is a HUGE 24 fan but I have never even watched it. I never have a chance to watch TV at night and if I DVR something I never watch it..so I gave up on TV shows!

  11. One on one time has been a huge help with me and my kids. I think I like it more than they do--i enjoy spending time with the kids!

  12. 24 should come with a warning about the dangers of becoming addicted. We have been known to send my husband Mark out at midnight to the local Blockbuster when we needed the next disk!

    I need to do more of the one-on-one thing with my youngest daughter. Thanks for the reminder.