Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Duck Tales!

Today, when I went to Davis Feed Mill to get this...

and this...

I saw bins and bins of these!...

And it got me thinking about the time when we got our first batch of ducklings! (spring 2006)

Everyone was so thrilled with our new additions!

Ellie was the most thrilled, I think! (I'm not sure this poor duckling shared in her enthusiasm)

Pleased to meet you!...

One of the neatest things about raising ducklings is to watch the imprinting process take place. It was so much fun to see them waddling after the kids trying to keep up.

They were right on the cusp of entering their gangly stage here...

And then I remembered how much work it was! (this was what I woke up to every morning for about 3 weeks!)

Ducks grow on an average of 1 pound per week!--They eat a lot! And as you can see, that means they do a lot of something else too!

I started them off in an old pack-n-play and then after about 2 weeks, had to move them to this wire enclosure lined with carpenter strength plastic bags and towels...(I changed the towels at least twice a day).

Fortunately, now that they are grown, you never see any mess in the yard. Unlike the mess the occasional goose couple make!

We took them outside when it was warm, but until they were fully feathered, we had to keep them inside our downstairs guest room.

This was a challenge for an compulsive cleaner such as myself, (look at the wall!) but it was worth it in the end.

I always loved it when they would come up on the front porch to peek in through the glass door.

Since my original male died 2 years ago, they don't do this anymore.

This was our Christmas card two years ago...
Now you know where the inspiration for my blog title came from!

Do you have any "duck tales" of your own?


  1. I love those pictures. Will you have the pack and play cleaned up for Josie's visit in october? jk, i know it's a different one.

    They are so stinkin cute!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are so, so cute!

  3. You are brave! My husband used to sell chicks and bunnies and all sorts of farm stuff at an IFA country store business. Lots and lots of work involved for sure!!

  4. so cute. I'm copying all of those pictures onto my computer:-)

  5. I love the pictures. The ducks (and kids) are so cute. Raising ducks is a messy job, eh? Just like raising kids!

  6. My kids loved the pictures. They were oohing and aahing. I'm just afraid they would start screaming if they saw them in real life! Thanks for posting these pictures--they are beautiful!

  7. Those duckling pictures are precious! And the kids have grown so much since then.

    I have always loved ducks! I enjoyed your duck tale!!

  8. I wonder if chickens are ever bummed out that they start out so cute, but grow up to be so...not cute? Ducks start out cute and still get to end up cute.

    I would not be keen on all that pooping, but I love the thought of ducklings imprinting on my family.

  9. those pics. are great- hadn't seen all of them- gosh, it seems like yesterday- but, the kids have grown soooo much since then- i need to get there- they've probably grown another 2 inches since i was there last! (i've grown too!)

  10. adorable pictures!!! my only duck tale, is my brother used to try to catch them when my parents took us down to UT lake to feed the ducks on Sunday afternoon. We were feeding them and my kamakazi 4 year old brother would run around with his own agenda, still sort of an inside family joke. course, he never did catch one.

  11. I had a pet duck when I was a girl! However, we kept him in a pen much like a bunny hutch in the evenings. We had a dauchaund who was a hunter! He would chase the duck agressively until the duck would suddenly turn on him and with neck down, quacking in hot pursuit, scare the living daylights out of him! It was one continual round between them.

    Your ducks are too cute and definitely part of the family!

  12. ok, so i'm constantly wondering how a person with such a beautiful home can have animals like ducks around AND children! it's amazing. i wish i could do that...

    i love that picture of you, the duck, and the cat. so great.

    ducks grow that fast?!?!? they are so precious. how cute that they would come look inside!!!

  13. I love this post!

    I have read it a couple times now... and just realized I have not left a comment-

    those ducks are so darling-- wow

  14. It would be hard to resist boxes of fresh little newborn ducklings--how did you manage not to come home with more? Probably be looking at the picture of them in the cage and all the mess, right?

    They are adorable--once you get past the messy baby stage. :)

  15. oh man, i would be a total sucker for those little guys! lately i've been grateful for all of patsy's horrific puppy tales because it has helped me resist the temptation to get one of those too!

    i love the imprinting photo - so great! you are a saint for cleaning up those gross messes for so long. no wonder you love them so much! just like children! :)

    great post!

  16. Love the ducks. I rescued a baby duck once but it took off on my after a week or so. Never could find it at the pond. I was hoping that it lived happily ever after.