Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ode to Summer

I really try to embrace every season...
There are so many great things that I anticipate about each one..
Some of the things I savor about summertime are...

Fresh vine ripe tomatoes...(check these STORE bought babies out!--thanks to the tomato blight, I never had it up to my eyeballs in tomatoes this year...I actually had to BUY some to get my fix!)

Juicy watermelon! (although some may say the seedless kind don't have as much flavor, I much prefer them for the sheer hassleless factor alone!)

Caprese salad!

Summer meals like this...barbecue chicken, swiss chard, corn on the cob, & steamed beats...

Swimming in the pool...(to keep ourselves cool)

various canning projects...

summer flowers!

Grange fair festivities...

many, many popsicles...

weekly visits with my pal...

trips to Rita's...

and frogging...
But you know what they say about all good things must come to an end...
School started today! (and not a moment too soon!) I thought I was going to lose my mind having everyone home for one more day! These last few days have been filled with "one uppings", tattletaling, arguments and tantrums.
We all welcomed the change...
It was like Christmas morning today! Reilly and Jake were both up at the crack of dawn, with beds made and school clothes on!
I'm hoping that the new rule of NO TV, DS or Computer games during the week will help to keep everyone focused in on getting organized for the next day...

Ellie's pre-school doesn't start until next week. I was surprised she didn't have a meltdown that she wasn't big enough to ride the schoolbus.

It felt weird not having Reilly here all day. I didn't cry or anything when I saw her leaving I guess because I knew she was so excited to finally be in first grade...
And so it is that summer officially ended for me today...I celebrated by changing my scented oils over to the pumpkin spice scent...
Autumn--here I come!


  1. Man, am I hungry! All that food looks amazing.

  2. REally fun recap! You have had one of the busiest summers!!

    Great pictorial.

  3. All the food looks delicious except the beets. Sorry. :( Going back to school is always a bitter sweet. But, when it finally comes everyone is ready. I need one more month of summer then I will be ready for fall. Just one more month.

  4. where has this summer gone? loved the recap- everyone looks so great- yay! for the first day of school

  5. It's great to see they are so excited for school! I remember those days:-) You'll have to post another one for Ellie's 1st day:-)

  6. I am with you on this. I love summer and all the fun things that come with it, but by the time school starts we are all ready for it!

  7. Those food pics are amazing! And you torture me with your Rita's... and those flowers! Nice ode to summer.

  8. Yeah for school!!! We are on week 2 and I am loving my time alone. No more fights, yelling and screaming well not until about 3:40 pm.

    Yummy food! I am staring at a HUGE basket of tomatoes that I need to deal with plus a ton more in the garden.

  9. isn't riley adorable? she looks a little how i imagine junie b. jones (i know some people hate it but sophie & i loved it) your food, as usual looks awesome. lovely lovely flowers.

  10. I am glad Skye was apart of the popsicle fest!

  11. Thank you for the flowers for the CSA, Shannon!
    It was a few days before my birthday, so consider your act of kindness to my veggie club a sweet 39th gift to me, too. Thank you!

  12. I love summer too! The fresh vegetables and fruits, the water fun, just having my kids home. It's a lovely time of year. It's not my favorite season (too hot) but it's probably my favorite time of year because my kids are home and it is so much less stressful. ;)