Friday, September 25, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Check out the extra digits on this guy! Gotta love polydactals...
I've been seriously thinking of having Charlie cloned...

2. This is the second time in a year that my passenger side mirror has been broken...
The first time was when my mom was driving my van on the way to Time Our for Women last October when some guy side swiped us. It cost me $350 to fix...

This time was just me not paying attention and nailing into someone's mailbox...(the mailbox fared better than my mirror)...

Thank goodness my inspection isn't due until June 2010...this is just another thing on my long list of things that I need to buy...

Who said money doesn't buy happiness? It sure would come in handy right now...I'm so sick of always trying to pinch pennies...

3. Ellie and Joshua Clawson...(notice his chenille pants!)...Love this guy! He reminds
me of Jake when he was little...Isn't he edible?!

I went over to my friend, Meg's, house the other day to help her put in a small herb garden. Ellie spent most of the time trying to mother Joshua...

She loves babies and little kids...In fact, she keeps dropping hints that she wants me to have another baby...(dream on, there, girl! That won't be happening...)

4. Feast your eyes on these homemade donuts...BACON donuts that is, made by my friend, Jenny. She hosted a brunch the other day and made these rings of joy up. They were delicious as was all the other things she baked up...(two different kinds of scones and cinnamon rolls!)

5. I love this little pear man. He was sitting on the counter at Solebury Orchards the other day and I couldn't resist taking a picture of him...Doesn't he just make you smile?

***What made you smile today?


  1. Oh my goodness, extra parts on your cat, who knew?

    I'm sorry about your mirror, $350 seems like a lot to fix that, but car stuff is always outrageous isn't it?

    Those chenille pants look so comfy!

    Bacon donuts?! Those look soooo good! Please get the recipe and post it!

    The pear man is rather creative.

    I'm watching/listening to The New Adventures of Old Christine while cleaning up my studio and it is totally making me laugh.

  2. BACON donuts!!?!?! Want to send me some?

  3. kids taking care of kids is the sweetest thing in the world.

  4. Bacon donuts sound kind of gross. No offense.

    Not much making me smile today. Ouch.

  5. the fact that I didn't have gum/oral surgery today makes me smile. (sorry Lisa!)

    Also, I just got the Office, season 5... much smiling here.


  6. 1. how did you get the cat to stand with it's front legs together while you took the picture?
    2. hitting a mailbox with your mirror means you were 8 inches from hitting it with the body of your car. Were you taking a picture while driving or talking on the phone. Won't insurance cover the damage?
    3. Josh is very cute
    4. bacon donuts just made my arteries close up not to mention that they added 2 inches to my already expanded waistline.
    5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! You saw something to take a picture of. I'm stunned.

    Shannon, you are way too cool for words

  7. I have been craving homemade donuts lately!! Yum!!! What made me happy today? I don't know. My husband left on a business trip. He'll be gone for a week. And my kids ... are being kids. And I'm a little tired right now. I don't feel down or anything but not especially happy. Just one of those days. :)

  8. Bacon donuts? I know that adding bacon to baked goods is a popular trend, but it just doesn't sound good to me. I recently saw on someone's blog a new item at the NY chocolate show: chocolate with bacon and Pop Rocks. I am not even kidding.

    I love the pear man!

    I hate pinching pennies, too.