Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Five for Friday--better late than never

In my haste to get ready for our big camping trip this past weekend, my Five for Friday post kept getting pushed down on my priority list...
My love that my life is filled with these Five for Friday moments...
Here are just a few things of interest from this past week...
1. When we got home from our camping trip, look what had emerged from its cocoon...
I think it had just happened on Monday morning...fortunately, the two butterflies weren't trapped in the jar for too long. They rested on our fingers for a few minutes and then flew off...
What a wonderful way to officially end the summer...

2. I thought I was totally on top of things when I copied off the kids' school supply list during the summer and took it with me when I went to my mom's house in Butler. She's got a really great Walmart there, and it has become a kind of tradition to stock up on school supplies when we are there for our summer visit. The list was crazy! I couldn't get over how many things we needed to buy...I started getting all worked up about the whole thing and wondering what in the heck these school taxes that we pay are going to. I shouldn't have to buy such nit picky little things...
A few days before school started, I asked Brian to print out another hard copy of the school supply list so that I could check everything off as we packed the kids' backpacks up.
I was surprised to see that only 10 items were listed on both the 1st and 4th grade lists.
(Apparantly there are several Millcreek Elementary schools in the country and I pulled up the one in Kentucky! What the?!

3. Holy big slugs! I found this lurking around the duck pen the other day...
It took me 10 minutes to de-slime my hand after this...
4. No--this is not an optical illusion..! I almost choked when I went out on the patio yesterday and saw this enormous bullfrog sitting next to my cat. I ran to get my camera, but Charlie had moved by the time I got back. I needed something to show his enormous girth so I used Jake's size 1 croc. He was actually wider than the croc...
What in the Sam H. is going on in that pond to be growing frogs the size of a shoe?

5. My newest passion (thanks to Fred and Susan) is Coke Zero...All the full body taste without all the calories...Now that's what I'm talking about!


  1. holy frog! i still think its fake. it CANT be real!!!!!! or you just have very tiny feet. :)

  2. WTH? big butterflies, slugs & frogs!!! sounds like a bible plague- going on out east

    I havne't tried coke zero, but have heard it's good stuff- I'm for sure checking it out now. Is it finally cooling down out there? How was camping? i was thinking about you & hoping you had a great time. We haven't been camping forever & it was on our goal list we made last january... dang- oh well- maybe we should set up the tent in the back yard?

  3. The butterfly picture is stunning! What a cool experience for your family.

    I'm a bit grossed out by the slug and the lingering slime, and I am seriously freaked out by the size of that frog! The Miracle Grow is leaking into the pond water for sure!

  4. wow, that is a mutant slug and bullfrog!!!
    have you tried dr. pepper zero? I feel the same way about that as you do about coke zero, except you can't get it in denmark unless you want to pay an arm and a leg and it's hard to find.

  5. did you steal that frog from the natural history museum? i thought so.
    you have always been one for finding the awesome find. looks great in your yard. but c'mon that is ellie's shoe.

  6. Yeah well, did you see the size of that slug? I guess the frogs grow bigger to be able to eat them?!!!! I've never seen a yellow frog either. Well, I could do without the slugs (gross!!) but the frog is really neat, even if it is huge!!!

  7. Beautiful butterfly! I had to pay $65 for my 6th graders school supplies this year, and that was at Walmart. Crazy!!! I love Coke Zero. It is my addiction right now, too.

  8. Yikes, I bet that giant frog at all the frogs we brought over to your pond!

    I'm going to pretend that the giant frog is one of ours though. It'll make me feel better.

  9. I told you I read your blog...Love Coke zero - I love that you can get it at the movie theaters too! OMgosh that slug really grosses me out - how could you touch it???? You all looked like you had the best time camping together!! Thanks so much for subing for me the next two weeks!