Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tie Dye = Cool Guy

My sweet friend, Leisha, invited us over to her house on Monday morning to tie-die shirts.
We thought it would be cute for everyone to have tie-dyed shirts for our upcoming camping trip.

She showed us how to swirl and rubberband our shirts...

Here she is giving Reilly the low down on the art of tie-dying...either that or she's telling her about the birds and the bees...either way, it looks pretty intense...(notice how her hands are all stained--what a friend to sacrifice on our account...

Tell me again why I thought it would be a good idea to wear a skirt?

Look at those artistic juices flowing!

We even made one for Brian! (He's so not a tie-dye person, but I quoted him what Leisha told me..."tie-dye = cool guy" and that seem to help ease his anxiety...

The final product! I'll get a picture of our whole peace lovin' family at our upcoming campout...
Jake is doing his cool guy/ ganster pose here...

***Are you a tie-dye cool guy?


  1. wow! these look great! what a cool idea!

  2. What a fun activity! The shirts look great.

  3. I've never done tie dye. Looks messy...Our young women do it every year before camp so that they have matching shirts. Well, almost matching....each shirt is unique...

  4. I think you wore the skirt because it looks good on you.

    One year I was the Girl's Camp Craft person--we did Tie-die t-shirts and it was a big hit!

    My only problem was I bought the wrong sizes. Girls these days wear tight clothing, where as when I was young everything was big and loose.

    I fun with the rest of your summer, we are just finishing our first week of school.

  5. I love tie dye... in the 80's (maybe it was the early 90's)I even had tie dye stretch pants with an oversized matching tie dye shirt... eeeek!! i can't believe I wore that?? but then- we lived in WA state at the time & I would where it to Seattle & to the zoo & I fit right in with all the hippies :)
    You guys are GREAt at tie dye- & yes tie dye does = cool guy

  6. The shirts turned out great! Whitney would love to do this sometime, so I really should look into it. But it seems very messy and supply intensive, so maybe Leisha could invite us over too.

  7. Love the tye dye shirts they look awesome. I have not been ambitious enough to try my own but I did own a T-shirt dress that my husband bought me in the early 90's that was a tye dye.

  8. i did tie-dye with my kids this summer. not sure they turned out as cute as yours though. my guy wouldn't be caught dead in one.

  9. We haven't tie-dyed for a long time. Your kids shirts turned out great. I was wondering why you were all dressed up though. I'd have worn painting clothing because I always make a mess of myself!

  10. i USED to have some serious tie tye skills in high school i dyed everything from socks to towels to underwear! i even tie tyed a big shower curtain, ya that was awesome! but alas, my skills have gone out the window. i tried to dye a little this summer with my kids, but forgot some step of the process because they faded so baddly! it was such a bummer. next time...

    your shirts turned out awesome. and ya, i was wondering from the first photo why you had worn such a cute outfit for such a messy activity? :)

    my favorite method for applying the dye are those cheap wal-mart ketchup and mustard containers like you guys used. they are perfect.

  11. HA! My first thought was, why did Shannon wear that nice skirt to this messy activity?