Sunday, August 16, 2009

The results are in...

We went to the grange fair on Wednesday night and had a ball. I seriously love going there each year. There's just so much energy to be found at a fair. The smell of a funnel cake alone makes me feel like all is well in the world. Talk about good, clean fun!

Before I post the results of our winnings, I just had to poke fun at a few of the items that DID get ribbons that were just down right awful...I'm not sure if they had blind judges this year or what...I'll let you decide....

This was what my little arrangement in the boot was competing with...and mine didn't even get a ribbon...
Is it just me, or is this horribly unoriginal and bland? And what's with the mug? Seriously!

THIS got first prize for the arrangement in a cookie box category? How did that even come to BE a category? Ca'mon people! Get some taste already!

So Jake got a blue ribbon for his bark poster...(my bruised brow bone is healing nicely)

Ellie came in first for the sand art category...

My marjoram won a blue ribbon

As did the basil

and scented geranium

Brian's spaghetti squash won 1st prize!

As well as the hot banana peppers

and the wax yellow beans

Reilly's cute bean flower won 2nd prize!

As did the peppermint

and butterfly bush specimen (not to be confused with a urine speciman)

my hybrid lily came in 3rd

As did the hybrid tea rose

and the apricot colored climbing rose

the lemon thyme took 3rd

as well as the parsley

and sage

the india relish won 4th place

and last but not least, the zucchini bread that I was certain was undercooked, won 5th place...(I think they had the same person judging this as that arrangement in a mug!)
(they probably just felt sorry for me)
All in all, it was another good year at the fair...

We got to see the baby chicks that had just hatched in the day...

and we had fun looking at all the animals...
this one bunny was a real show stopper...he looked like a mop!
We never could find his face! Can you imagine being that furry?

Dear funnel cake...will you marry me? yes or no (circle one)

Sue, my old roommate from NY was there with her husband and son. It was great to catch up with her while we watched the kids go on rides...I could just kick myself for not getting a self portrait of the two of us! We were just too distracted--
Sue and I both used to fly international. Often times, we would bid to work on the same flights together. We were reminiscing about the good old days. We talked about our Brussels layovers and how delicious those Belgium waffles from the street vendors used to taste and how tan we used to get in Rio. It's hard to imagine that we had that kind of life at one time. But we both agreed that nothing compared to the life we're living now, with our husbands and children and the sweet simplicity that everyday life brings...
Truly, life is good!
***Do you think that hideous mug arrangement deserved a ribbon?
***Do you enjoy going to fairs?
***What's your favorite fair food?


  1. My favorite fair food is also funnel cake! And I have no floral talent, and I could have done that mug arragement with my eyes closed.

  2. Okay, that mug thing is just plain hideous!! What the?

    If I were to go (I'm serious, I want to go with next year...) be prepared for me to have a few tantrums...When I visit model homes, I have the same reaction! Who the heck thinks up these stupid things that don't translate into real life?

    You made quite a haul! Every single one of yours should have trumped that dub mug (some kind of vacation trinket, I suppose). The kid's creations and Brian's squash= fab!!

    Good work!

  3. my thoughts exactly on the mug. What the WHAT??? I think the grange fair judge that awarded that one ended up at the Butler Farm show this year.

    My quilt won JACK SQUAT. im sure there was some rainbow colored crochetted hideous afgan that won.

    congrats on the ribbons to everyone!

    Maybe you can put the herbs in your shot glass collection next year. heh heh.

  4. What's up with the mug? Maybe it was some sort of advertising stint.

    Congratulations on all the prizes, what a fun family tradition! I love that you can be a city or a country girl.

  5. OK that mug was HORRIBLE! Great job on the hordes of ribbons! That looks like so much fun! I miss our county fairs back in KY but Ben isn't real keen on any rides until he gets his migraines under control. Anyway, hope to see you at book group tomorrow!

  6. I am simply overwhelmed by how much you entered in the fair. Wow! Congrats on all those ribbons. The cookie box arrangement was awful...

  7. The judges must have been trying to spread the wealth by giving ribbons to that mug arrangement and the cereal box one, yikes.

    Congratulations on all your ribbons, did your family have a monopoly on the fair?

    I LOVE funnel cakes and didn't get one this summer since our camping trip was the same weekend as our local fair. Aargh!

  8. Way to go on all the ribbons!!! If I entered anything there would be no ribbons!!!! I am very impressed!

    We usually only go to the state fair here since we get in for free and we usually miss the county fair(just missed it this weekend). I love to look at the qulits and buy homemade taffy!

  9. That stupid mug is retarded! As is the cereal box "arrangement", if you can even call it that. I loved all of your entries!

    I love funnel cakes, but can't even remember the last time I had one.

  10. I will admit I am not crazy about fairs...we started taking our little son to the one I went to growing up. I LOVE funnel cake but try not to eat it. LOL.

    Congrats on the ribbon bonanza...your basil is PERFECT. I am growing basil too but the leaves are not as big. My friend told me to put it in the shade. Share your expertise?

  11. are they nuts??? you definately need a new set of judges next year.

  12. Yes, the judges are crazy! Or maybe blind. Or bribed!

    I love it that you go to the fair and enter things. I have some ambition to do that ... maybe next year. I think it would be fun.

    I enjoy the fair a lot. I enjoy all the exibits.

    I LOVE the funnel cake!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! I have to admit, it is probably the main reason I look forward to going to the fair!