Friday, August 21, 2009

A promise kept...

We rescheduled our Enrichment group's beach trip for yesterday...

Spring Lake, NJ is about 1 hour 30 minutes from here...I've never actually made it there without getting lost--yesterday was no exception. (I swear the GPS woman sounded irritated everytime she said "RECALCULATING!") I wish she didn't have such an annoying voice...

This town is so ritzy! Can you imagine living in a place like this?...

Or this?

After schlepping our stuff onto the beach (leaving all food and drinks on the boardwalk, ugh!--rules!), we finally got set up and were able to relax...

Ellie is doing one of her Elaine Bennis dances...(she is SO my daughter!)

The kids wasted no time getting down to the business of having fun in the waves...

Initially, it was this woman's swim cap that first caught my eye...I loved it! (Even though I'm not a swim cap kind of girl)...but then, I noticed how sweet this couple was together and couldn't resist snapping a photo of them standing in the water...

Lily is my friend Leisha's baby...She is the most layed back baby ever! Not to mention one of the cutest I think I've ever seen...I'm pretty sure she's going to be pooping sand for the next week...

It always makes me laugh to see how excited Ellie gets with even the little things...

This was one of the reactions I got when I told the kids it was time to go...
I hate that I'm always the bad guy! My kids never seem to remember that I actually TOOK them to the place that I'm having to drag them away from...they only seem to focus on the fact that I'm making them leave!

We didn't go on a beach vacation this year so it was nice to be able to get our beach fix even if it was for only a day...I never feel like it's been a complete summer until we've been able to spend some time at the beach. We're going to try to go again next long as this crazy hurricane doesn't cause too many shore troubles...

***Does your GPS woman get annoyed with you?
***Do you need a trip to the beach to make your summer complete?
***Would you have taken a picture of that elderly couple?
***What does your kids' "It's time to Go" face look like?


  1. That place is gorgeous! And I don't have GPS. :(

  2. waaawwww! i want to go, too! great pictures- i could almost smell the beach.

  3. WE live so far away from the beach... darn it. a couple of weeks ago trent came up to me & said- hey, how come we haven't been to the beach in so long? I was like--- YA?? what's with that?
    the kid is getting totally ripped off & so am I.

    Those houses!!! oh my gosh- I would LOVE LOVE LOVe to just peek inside one.

  4. Beautiful pictures. It looks like the kids had a great time. I don't have a gps so I can't annoy anyone but myself and maybe my passengers.

    That old couple were so cute. I hope my husband is still touchy and affectionate when we are old. Wow, that's only like two years from now...,

  5. I didn't recognize Ellie without her glasses on! I thought she must be one of your friend's kids. I had to triple check the pictures to be sure.

    I really wish we had a beach close enough to drive to in a realistic time frame. The kids and I got to go to 2 different beaches at Lake Michigan while we were there in June, but that's the extent of our beach time.

    Those house are so amazing!

  6. ugh! I . LOVE. THE. BEACH.!!! your pictures are stunning. of course you are punished for being the nice mom when it is time to go, remember the more you do the more they expect :0) Hey maybe i should meet you there next friday - expect the GPS lady and i have full on fights when driving somewhere new.

  7. I miss those sandy beaches. The beaches here are very rocky with lots of shells (but mostly rocks). looks like a really fun day. I remember the first time all of us girls took Jake to the Sunset Beach. That was a great trip:-)

  8. Wow! I almost feel as if I were there! Sure seems like a fun day. Ellie's expressions are priceless, every one.

    GPS systems can be SO stupid!! What the? They're supposed to know everything!! It really gets me mad when they get mixed up...

    I think I could use a day at the beach...or maybe a, I think a month. Maybe I'll just move there for good. Tomorrow.

  9. What a great trip! Your pictures are awesome:)
    I love,love, the beach. One of my most favorite places ever. I wish i lived close enough to drive for the day...hmmm..i need to move;)
    I agree, it definitely makes the summer complete. The houses were incredible!
    I loved the picture of the elderly couple. Really sweet. It makes me wonder what their story would be...

  10. Those houses are amazing!

    I really like going to the beach. I would LOVE to go there every summer. I don't think we went last summer. We don't really live near the coast much. It's amazing that we do go to the beach as often as we do!

    I love the Elderly couple. I hope that I still have a sweet relationship with my husband when I'm old!

    My kids don't give me a hard time about when we leave some place. They are pretty mellow.

    I'm sorry that summer is just about over. :(

  11. I didn't recognize Ellie at first either!

    I love love love the beach. I never tire of it. It looks like a great excursion!