Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

Last Thursday, our Relief Society's enrichment "Out and About" group was scheduled to go to the beach for the day...

I had been using this trip as a major trump card with my kids...("Empty the dishwasher, or you won't be going to the beach."--"Get your rooms cleaned up, or don't plan on joining us at the beach")-- You know, stuff like that.

So as you can imagine, when the trip had to be cancelled due to rain, I was in major scramble mode to come up with the "beach equivalent"...

I was planning on taking my friend, Leisha's, girls with us to the beach in the first place, so I invited them to join us on a rainy day afternoon excursion...

We started off with lunch at Chik-fil-a. Doesn't it seem like I document this place a million times? What's up with that?

We stopped off at Wawa (similar to a 7-eleven) for a quick candy fix...(I'm the biggest candy nut EVER!)

Then it was onto the movies. None of us had seen "Up" yet, and so this is the movie we chose to see. This was the first actual movie at the theatre that Ellie had ever seen. She probably would have been fine with just seeing the previews, because after each one, she said "Is the movie over now?"

I'm not usually a fan of cartoons and animated movies, but I really fell in love with this one. It had a very sweet message.

I couldn't help but notice this random sign in the bathroom on our way out...
What the?

My neighbor told me that on every milkweed plant, there are monarch butterfly eggs.
She showed me where there was a milkweed plant on our street and I snipped a few leaves that appeared to have tiny eggs attached.
A few days later, to our delight, there were tiny caterpillars that had hatched. We're all very excited to watch them grow and turn into butterflies...I'm taking pictures every few days...

Reilly and Jake have both started soccer. This is Reilly's first year and she is absolutely loving it!
I had to laugh the other day when on her way to practice, she turned around and said, "Mom, this is how you're supposed to hold the ball." She's all about fitting in and looking the part...


  1. I loved the movie Up! What a nice Mom to plan something else fun to do with the kids.

    Okay the sign on the bathroom door was too funny.

  2. Wow, you treated the kids right with so many fun make-up activities. How did Ellie do through the rest of the movie? I would have been nervous if she was asking if it was over after each preview.

  3. I would have been so disappointed to have to cancel beach day. It sounds like you compensated with some fun activities. I can't believe Ellie had never been to the movies....Haven't seen UP yet, I think I'll catch it at the Redbox.

  4. I love Chick-fil-a. I would go there and a movie any day over the beach.

  5. We loved raising our butterfly. She was so beautiful. We are on the lookout for more caterpillars!

  6. Ok, first, I just saw your hiding in the gingerbread house question on your profile and it is hilarious.

    Second, I think I cried through half of the movie "up". Pixar does some amazing story-telling.

    I'm sorry you got rained out from the beach trip! That would have been a bummer. Did they try to reschedule it at all?

    You are lucky to have found the monarch butterfly eggs. Not only are the catipillars prettier than normal but the chrysalis is green with a sparklie gold stripe. So pretty!

    My youngest two want to play soccer. I'm holding them off until the spring. It's a great sport though, one of my personal favorites!

  7. wow! i learned alot from that one- the movie day looks like fun. nice going, mom!

  8. Oh, how I can relate to "looking the part"! Just not the soccer part!!! he he.

    Sounds like you had a great save! I would love a day with movies and candy!!

  9. movies, candy, and chick-fil-a is a definitely close second to the beach! you are such a cute mom.

    i too loved UP! i thought it was super darling, and the little grandpa was awesome, i just wanted to give him a hug and make him happy the whole time.

    can't wait to see the butterflies, what a fun discovery!