Wednesday, August 12, 2009

S'more random thoughts...

So here is the sight we've been seeing everyday...11 teenage mallard ducks integrating with 3 pekins and a khaki campbell (who, by the way, went from being named "Penny" to "Hershey" when a certain tail feather started curling a few weeks ago). It was then that we realized that "she" was a "he"...(the tails of drakes curl when they reach maturity)...I don't know why I didn't recognize that he was a male by the sound of his was distinctly male, but never registered to me...

I was hesitant at first to feed the little mallards, but I called Aark wildlife and they said that it was alright to give them food. They will eventually fly away in the fall. I've heard that the females always fly back to the place they were raised to lay their eggs...we'll have to wait to see if this is true. That could make for some pretty interesting pond happenings.

P.S.--Jake actually took this photo. It was one of the ones he entered into the Grange Fair...

Whenever I see pictures like this one, I can't help but think of the contrast to my life in an apartment in NYC 10 years ago...this is pretty good livin', I'd say...

FYI: Rita's has a new flavor!...SWEDISH FISH! I treated the kids and myself to water ices...(I of course, got the swedish fish flavored gelati--custard layered with water ice)...AMAZING!
True, Utah has mountains, be we've got Rita's baby!

Brian took the kids to Cabella's a few weeks ago and they bought this awesome fire pit thingy--I don't know the official name, but what I do know is that I love it! I've been so excited to use it!

We had our first chance to fire it up last Friday night when we promised the kids we'd camp out with them. I love the smell of a campfire! I love the way my hair smells after being around a campfire! Maybe it's because I'm so in love with the fall that it reminds me of that or something.
As far as the camping out thing went, I made it until about midnight but those #*!@**%$ cicadas wouldn't stop their chirping and Reilly started coughing and I felt totally damp and cold. Brian took one for the team and stayed outside with the kids while I headed indoors for some quality sleep. (My cat, Charlie, AKA "sleeping buddy", was waiting for me by the door).
We're going camping in a few weeks with some friends of ours in the ward, so I really need to toughen up...that ought to be an interesting trip. I really want to be a good camper--really I do! I love being outdoors it's just the actual sleeping part that I can't seem to get past.
Per the kids request, we of course had s'mores...
This, my friends, is a marshmallow cooked to perfection!

And this, my friends, is a complexion's worst nightmare...
Believe it or not, I could do without the milk chocolate...It makes too sweet...What do you think?

***Would you like swedish flavored water ice?
**Do you like the smell of campfires?
***What's your favorite season?
***Are you a happy camper?
***Could you do without the milk chocolate?


  1. I love s'mores! We have an outdoor firepit, but haven't fired it up this year. We are heading out camping for Labor Day. I much prefer my own bed. My bed buddy, Milo, would be waiting for me too.

  2. I like all the smore ingredients seperately... but not too much together.
    I love campfires too & wish we had a fire pit.
    I want to be a happy camper too- but the older I get- the more crabby I am about camping. Being the mom on a camping trip is rough stuff. SO MUch work.

    I love your pond :)
    Fall is my favorite season by far-
    Swedish fish!!! mmmmm good

  3. I have not had Smores at all this year! I need to get on it!

  4. I think the chocolate is a vital part of the s'more. If it's too much for you perhaps you should try Reese's miniatures instead. Also, Deluxe Graham cookies are a good substitute for the graham crackers too.

    Oh you mock me with your Rita's Water Ice! Swedish Fish flavor sounds so good.

    I'd like to get a fire pit too.

  5. Not so sure about the swedish fish slushy....could be interesting!

    I do love the pictures of your ducks!!!! Great job Jake!!!

    We have a fire pit in our backyard and we love it. The kids seem to use it more than we do as a family.

    I am a better camper with a trailer but I will tent it as well. Have fun on your camping trip ;)

  6. I'm like you. I love fall and the smell of burning things and campfires. Candles that smell like that just aren't the same, i need the real thing!!!

  7. p.s. oooh how I miss Rita's!!

  8. Actually, if I use milk chocolate I use the symphony bar with the toffee and almonds, too. I prefer dark chocolate in my s'mores.

    I just heard the idea of using those striped fudge cookies instead of graham crackers with a s'more so you don't even need to add chocolate if you don't want to: just the marshmallow and the fudge striped cookies. I'm looking forward to trying it next time we roast marshmallows.

    I'm not a fan of flavored water of any type really.

    I like spring and fall. Those are my favorite seasons. Although there are a lot of fun winter sports if you live in a place with enough snow in the wintertime. And it's always fun to swim in the summertime.

  9. Shannon, I think the picture of all the ducks in a row walking to the pond is very cool. I too am a sucker for the feathered friends, though I enjoy chickens over ducks.

    I heard you were going camping and I almost fell over. I said SHANNON IS GOING CAMPING? Holy cow!!!!!

    Cicadas are nothing compared to a rabbit being killed in the middle of the night.

    can't wait to read about your camping adventures

  10. I'm right there with you with the camping issues! The ducks are too cute,but isn't this getting expensive??! Great shot, Jake!

    I never got into the Smores thing, and all the better I suppose. They must be fattening! The marshmellows look too good!!

    Interesting about the ducks coming backto their early grounds! Let's see. I'll be waiting for the report.

  11. you are just a regular norman rockwell calendar come to life. i can't get enough of your country fair. garden canning. ducks. ducks. smores. ducks. are you for real? and oh yes i might come to visit just for the swedish fish gourmet - oh my. and really? the milk chocolate is the whole purpose for me. oh, and i am already feeling sad summer is slipping away. i love it far far far above anything else.

  12. I love smores and your photo is amazing. As much as I love the mountains, I MIGHT trade them for Rita's!! I wish they would franchise out West....