Tuesday, December 23, 2008

then there was three

They're dropping like flys!
Reilly woke up this morning complaining that it hurt when she swallowed. When she realized that by saying that, it was sealing her fate for not being able to go to her Christmas party at school, she crumbled in a heap. She started saying crazy things like,
"I'm feeling better, now". I told her that that was good news, but that a trip to the doctor was still on tap.
She tested positive for strep...fortunately, she gets to go on an antibiotic. I love it when all my kids are on antibiotics. It's like they are invincible for 10 days. Unfortunately, all the antibiotics in the world won't be able to help Ellie's clumsiness. Her boot got caught in the door of the car as she was getting out and she landed face first on the ground. She's all bruised on that side...
Ey yi yi.........There's never a dull moment in these parts.!
Reilly was a good sport about getting a throat culture...only a few gags.
I promised her that if she was good, on the way home we could stop for hot chocolate...
I keep my promises! Look at these three mittened hands holding tightly to their $1.15 kid-size peppermint hot chocolates....Starbucks is the best!
Jake was all bent out of shape that he wasn't going to get to go to school because apparantly his teacher was bringing in pancakes for snack. (What the....??) Pancakes do not travel well.
I told him that if Reilly was feeling better, that we could all go to IHOP for dinner.
We did a little snow globe craft later on in the afternoon. We used old jelly jars and some of the figurines from a dollar store nativity set (angel, shepherd, lamb, baby Jesus) and glued those on the lid. We filled them with water and glitter, and wa la! It was a big hit.

Here's a picture of Reilly's little snowglobe. She wants to start collecting them...That's my girl!...
A collector of good things.
We went to IHOP for dinner (and sat in a far booth so as not to contaminate anyone with strep germs). Fortunately, hardly anyone was there. I think that going out for pancakes on the 23rd of Dec. might become a new tradition.
Since everyone was sick this year, we weren't able to go to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas lights and the beautiful flowers in the conservatory. It's an amazing place! We ended up, instead, going to Shadybrook Farms in Yardly to go on a drive-thru light tour.
It was pretty cheezy and a bit on the honky tonk side...Brian and I agreed that we would not do that again. The kids seemed to think it was fun, so I guess that's what matters most, but seriously, it wasn't worth $20.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!.....Fun times ahead!


  1. i love the pancake idea- but pancakes as a snack in school?? i don't get it.snow globes will be a memory for the kids- nice going, mom! after reading everyone's blogs-i'm amazed at what has become a memory- get well, kids- granny is going to bed.

  2. you know, at least one client I work with was having pancakes at school last friday. Are we missing something? Is it from a book the kids might be reading? I teacher is reading 'The Tale of Despereaux' to the class, maybe that has something to do with it, or maybe not at all.
    I hope everyone gets feeling better and that you all enjoy your Christmas this year! Can't wait to see you guys in a few short weeks!!!

  3. Peppermint Hot chocolates! Yumm. I'd do a throat culture for that!

    I love your blog title and cute picture. My mother-in-law uses the term "ducks in a row" all the time. I'm afraid my ducks are rather chaotic.

  4. ........as long as you were in Yardley, you could have stopped by Black-eyed Susan!!!! We have darling Christmas-y windows that would have made the trip worthwhile, if I do say so myself!

    The light show at ShadyBrook is pretty cheesy to be sure.

    Maybe next year.....