Monday, December 22, 2008

on the upswing

"fa la la 'SAY AH' la la la la"

So my mother's intuition was correct...strep for both. They were miserable by the time we got to the doctors office. To take their mind off of their grief and pain, I had them both stick out their tongues and say "ahh" for a photo. Cheesy, I know, but it does make for a clever picture caption.

Now everyone is on an antibiotic, and I'm just waiting for the first sign of a sore throat from Reilly to have her into the Dr. for a throat culture.
Things turned for the better as the afternoon went on, so I decided to go ahead with my original Family Night plan...decorating christmas cookies--one of our favorite holiday traditions.
I took a short video of everyone in action...

Everyone is pointing to their favorite, overfrosted, oversprinkled cookie...
Ahhh! there's nothin' like homemade cutout cookies, frosted up and laced with strep germs.
These bad boys are just for us--we're funny that way.
We add a new Christmas book to our collection each year and this one just stole my heart...
It's called Mortimer's Christmas Manger.
It's about a mouse who was too cramped in his little hole and decides to venture out and find a new place to live. He stumbles upon a perfect living arrangement...a nativity scene. He moves the statues out of it and gets himself all settled into the little manger. Every time he wanders out to find some treats to eat, he comes back to find that someone has moved all the figures back in their place. He then moves the statues out again not realizing what they represented. One night he hears one of the humans of the house telling the story of when Jesus was born in Bethlehem and he then knows the signifigance of what the statues mean. He moves them all back and then says a little prayer asking God if he would bring him a home. Just then, he spies a house just his size...A gingerbread house...and he's set for life...!
So sweet...

Everyone was pretty ramped up after I let them all have a cookie after the story...What was I thinking? Anyway, they're all in bed...Hopefully, everyone will sleep through the night.
Sweet dreams!


  1. awww, I love the video. I love how Jake was like ' are you going to put this on your blog?' too. you have such funny kids and I miss them and you too of course:-) That book looks really cute.

  2. HEY!!!!! Thanks for the book!!! Josie likes the pictures. not too good on listening to the story part yet, that will come next year. :) Such a cute book! Thanks again!