Monday, December 29, 2008

Keeping Sheep

I went on a walk this morning (Sunday) to get some fresh air, clear my mind and to try out my new chartreuse ipod (thanks Brian!) Our church doesn't start until 1pm so I have down time in the morning. Brian helped me load some "Sunday music" onto my new little gizmo before I went out.

The album I was listening to was one I hadn't heard in ages entitled, "When I Feel His Love"--(written by Janice Kapp Perry/Lynne Perry Christofferson). As I was walking, a song came on that literally stopped me in my tracks...

It's funny how things hit you sometimes. There was something about experiencing this song, at that moment on this day. There was something so deliciously engulfing about hearing it so clearly piped into my eardrum. A message just for me...when I needed it the most.

I struggle with motherhood...alot! I get impatient and sometimes feel resentful that my children are keeping me from doing the things that I want to be doing.

Hearing this song this morning brought such clarity of my valuable roll as a mother...It gave me such a different perspective. Although it's not a new message, it was one that I needed right then.

When I heard it, I wanted to run home and gather everyone up in my arms. I'm grateful to be a "keeper" of these "sheep". I hope they always know how dearly I love them.

I'm striving to be be more be talk savor the moments a little live each day so that I won't say one day, "If only I would have spent more time with them".

Although I don't have such a good singing voice, (unless it's a Patsy Cline song and I happen to be in the bathtub), I adore music and can honestly say that I feel the closest to the Lord when I hear uplifting music. It's my favorite form of worship. Whenever I feel stressed or disconnected , nothing soothes my soul like a song.

I tried desperately to find creative ways to upload this onto my blog post. As I wasn't able to find a way to do it, I wrote the words down so that I could refer to them from time to time.

Keeping Sheep

I have a little flock of sheep
And they are mine to tend and keep
And I must guard them everyday
For little lambs, when left alone, will lose their way.

So many voices say to me,
"A sheep fold is no place to be
Your time in there is dull and slow
And lambs leave very little room for you to grow."

For if I ever start to stray
Deceived by thoughts of greener pastures,
Remind me, Lord, that keeping sheep
Will lead to happier ever afters

Oh, surely there will come a day,
When all the lambs have left my side
And I am free to roam about
And go exploring other meadows, green and wide

Yet something whispers in my heart
That when my sheep have left this pen
I'll long to stroke their little heads
To draw them close to me and have them young again

So if I ever start to stray
Deceived by thoughts of greener pastures
Remind me, Lord, that keeping sheep
Will lead to happier ever afters

So while they still are in my care,
I pray that I will clearly see
These little lambs within my fold
Are tender gifts the Master Shepherd
Has given me

Such a sweet message--It breathes new life into my day...


  1. wow! that was an awesome entry- a life changing experience- isn't it funny how lots of major happenings can occur in our lives, but it's the seemingly insignificant moments that have an eternal impact on us...
    also- cheers for the effort to walk- i'm on my way to curves.

  2. That is a perfect song for you then. I'm glad you found it at the perfect moment when you needed it. Speaking of Green pastures, I hear the weather there has been really nice! Lucky.

  3. sorry we couldnt find a way to post a song, but the written lyrics do get the point across. beautiful words.
    Thanks Shannon!

  4. Touching toughts and expressions. I love hearing that soft side of you. As well, I love it when people I love share such feelings of the heart, and, it's even better when the feelings are of the spiritual nature.

    I too, love the unexpected times when the Spirit speaks in a little louder voice and reaches to the very bottom of my heart. That is when our heart sings!

    This experience that you recorded should be a place that you can go to call up that moment and the strong comittment you had to your children, so that you can feel it all over It allows me time to do this!!

  5. Hmmmmm! Somehow my comment got partially deleted, that's why it doesn't make much sense.

    Somewhere in between I said that I loved having the night off! "It allows......"

    I think there was some other words of wisdom too, but this will have to do!

  6. I love it when the words of a song jump out at me like that and help turn my mood around. Motherhood is hard even on the good days, most likely we'd all do better if we cut ourselves some slack along the way.