Thursday, December 25, 2008

regifting for sure!

My sweet friend (from China) stopped by my house on Tuesday with a gift for me...
I love food gifts...especially her food gifts as she usually makes me something along the lines of her Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimp and pork and fresh basil. (to die for!). Really, anything she makes is wonderful.

So she hands me this little container of wonderful possibilities...

And then she tells me what it is....

Roasted Duck!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!*****$$$$!!!!??????????

She said she thought I'd like it. At first, I thought she was joking. But when I realized she wasn't, I tried to cover up the utter horror that was clearly written all over my face.

She might as well have given me a leg from one of my children! I've created such an issue for myself over not eating duck. When Brian and I (or anyone for that matter) are out to dinner, he is under strict instruction NOT TO EAT DUCK! It's crazy, I know. I just have grown so attached to these feathery creatures that I cannot bear to look at them and imagine what they might taste like. There's plenty of things out there to buy in the meat department.

Chicken...Pork... Beef... Fish...Spaghetti

I love to cook. I love to try new things. I love watching Top Chef on Bravo. But every time I hear someone mention foie gras, I get extremely queasy.

She called later to apologize. She said that it never occurred to her that I was actually serious about not eating duck. She's such a nice person, and has always been so kind to me.. I appreciated her thinking of me...

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

Do you eat duck?


  1. wow, i would not have been able to do that, either. that would be like someone giving me roasted cat. seriously.. Mom and I are going to try and go "Vegetarian" in the new year (although I know I will be the only one actually doing it.) sometime I have a hard time with eating meat because I love animals more than humans. kudos to you!

  2. I have never had duck, and never really wanted to try it. Now, I don't really want to try it in fear of the wrath of Shannon. I can't remember a time where I experienced something like this. sooooo, who was the lucky recipient of this culinary treat?

  3. I suppose that I am extremely objective when it comes to food and what I eat. Of course, I do not own ducks for pets, nor do I have an email associated with ducks, not to mention a blog celebrating ducks!

    With that being said, I would know better than to expect you to consider eating such meat.....and I could just imagine the look on your face! You didn't have to say another word for me to understand your horror!

    As for me, I enjoy duck once in a while. I have not prepared it myself, but at certain restaurants while traveling, enjoy one certain salad with duck. Sorry. What can I say? I guess I can say that I shall never eat it without having a mental picture of my devoted duck-preserving friend and allie.

    Sorry for the upset. I know you really feel strongly about this!(It did look yummy, however......

  4. I cannot even imagine how you held it together. The horror of it all.

  5. This is sad but funny too. I have never eaten duck before.