Sunday, December 21, 2008

some sights of the season

I stayed home from church today because I'm getting over a cold. I feared going just in case someone without sense decided to come and bring their sick germs. Jake and Ellie stayed home as well. I think they both have strep. A doctors appointment tomorrow will confirm my suspicion. I secretly hope that they do have it so they can be put on an antibiotic and be better before Christmas!

Christmas is how many days away??? Like 4?! I have such big plans for the holidays...none of which involves sickness. Ca'mon, kiddos...get well! There's festivities to be had!

I meandered around the house this afternoon, enjoying the peace and quiet with my camera in hand hoping to capture some of the sights of the season in our home right now...If these don't say holiday fun, then I don't know WHAT does...


  1. hey, just FYI on the pictures.. you can move them around. (shrink them down so you can click and drag) i like to place mine in between different paragraphs according to subject. looking good!

  2. aww, everyone looks soo cozy, even with the sickness. What is Jake reading there? He's growing up so fast, well all the kids are.
    What are your plans for the holidays?
    Mine involve crying because i'm alone, and making phone calls so I don't cry alll day, and working at a residential facility for out of control kids. fun times had for all! or just me:-)
    p.s. did I tell you how glad I am that you are blogging now?
    Love, Jojo

  3. a sleeping kid is my favorite. and a cat. they make everything all better. :)

  4. wow! we're all in service now! yippee! good job, shan.-- but remember, that comment is coming from someone who knows nothing about blogs. i feel like the kids are within my reach-