Friday, February 5, 2010

Reilly's 7th birthday recap...

For Reilly's 7th birthday, my mom and I kidnapped her from school at noon and took her to lunch at Panera Bread...
We had so many laughs over this picture--one of us always had our eyes closed...
Finally! We got a great shot!
Then we took her to get her ears pierced...
a little bit of drama...

... but worth the pain!

I had decorated the dining room before she got home...
I went with a pink, black and white theme (the colors of the American Girl Doll Cafe)

Table decorating is my favorite part of any party!

My mom decorated a doll cake for her! It was so darn cute!!

I found this picture of me on my 7th birthday blowing out the candles on a similar doll cake...

She was beyond thrilled with it! I asked her later what her favorite part of her birthday was and she said it was the cake!

Emalee came over for dinner (burritos) and cake.
Brian and I got her her first American Girl doll (with pierced ears to commemorate the day that she got her ears pierced)...
She was so excited when she opened up the box...
She named her doll Emma.

A few weeks ago, Ellie asked me to help her glue these pom poms onto a pipecleaner to make earmuffs for Reilly's doll (I told her we were getting Reilly a doll for her birthday)...
I was so impressed that she came up with this idea on her own...

This picture of the cake, (after the first slice was taken out of the back), reminded me of a recent Project Runway outfit where the model's butt was totally hanging out the back of the dress...
***How old were you when you got your ears pierced?
***Would your mom ever take you out of school early for a special occasion?
***Did you see the Project Runway episode I was talking about?


  1. Great cake! We love American Girl here. Even at 11 my ladybug isn't too old. Beautiful table. For me tables take too much thinking...

    Do you have lots of snow there?

  2. what a fun week i had- 2 parties for the price of one! (trip) reilly's party was "the best!"

  3. aww fun! I loved reading American Girls growing up. Reilly is growing up so fast. And Ellie is very creative with her craft idea:-) I miss you guys!

  4. I think my kids would love it if I took them out of school early for lunch. That would be a very memorable thing to do for a birthday! My parents never did that.

    I think my Mom made me wait until I was 12, like it was some really big major thing. My daughter really really really really wanted her ears pierced at 6. She wanted it soooo badly. I figured that she'd probably still want them pierced later on in life, too, so we let her do that for her 6th birthday.

    I just don't seem to ever watch tv anymore. I've never even seen project runway. But I think the cake is darling. I especially love that you had a similar cake for your 7th birthday. How cool is that?!!

  5. I had to wait until I was 11 to get my ears pierced, but I let Whitney get hers pierced when she turned 8.

    I don't remember ever getting taken out of school early for a fun outing like this, Reilly is a lucky girl!

    I saw the episode you're talking about and couldn't believe Ping sent that dress down the runway!

    I had a Barbie cake for my 8th birthday and really loved it!

  6. What a great day!

    I love it~ I have a summer birthday & always wished I had one during the school year so everyone would fuss about it....

    my best friend pierced my ears at girl's camp with a needle, ice & potaot.the leaders were at a meeting- I was 15. They got infected & swelled up- but I made it. boy was my mom mad :)

  7. I can't sleep but after reading that comment & all the mistakes--- maybve I should go back to bed?!

  8. I think I was about 16 when I had my ears pierced and Fred's sister did it in her kitchen! It set me on the path of doing my own ear-piercings every since. I'll bet I've pierced at least 30 friends and family...with a very sharp and large sewing maching needle!!

    Such a cute post. Reily appears to not be on the same plane with the young girls in my Primary class that drive me to wishing I had a stash of valium for each Sunday!

  9. I was 8 when I had my ears pierced and it was a great event! Minus the part where I jerked away the first time.
    I was 6 when my mom and dad took me out of school to see Dorothy Hammil and The Ice Capades in a box seat. Very cool. I remember my mom being annoyed when I was concentrating on a pink panther cartoon and cotton candy more than skating, though!
    I did not see that Project Runway episode but I do enjoy the show. It's just like what it is like to be in art school! I even had a friend make a dress for me out of paper for an art foundation assignment and a perv teacher ripping it off a little when he thought I didn't have anything on underneath. Actually did have something on much to his dismay. Oh art school! If you have a chance, watch the movie Art School Confidential...Very good!

  10. My mom pierced my ears when I was a baby. Then I put in two more holes on one side when I was about 12 (did it myself!). I'm thinking maybe 8 for Eva?

    I absolutely love that you have a picture of yourself with a similar cake at the same age as Reilly! How cute is that?

    You sure do have a lot of birthdays in a row!