Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Food--Good Friends!

Last Friday, my friend Jen Pond organized a surprise belated birthday lunch for Rob (Heather's husband) and I since we share the same birthday...

It wasn't just ANY lunch--it was a THAI food lunch--and it was nothing short of amazing!

Jen enlisted her husband, Mike, into staying home from work and cooking up his magic! He is an excellent Thai cook! (all self taught!)

She had the table set so elegantly!

The decor and the food was better than any restaurant I've ever been to!

Pad thai, drunken noodles, curry, & dumplings...

I can't even look at this now without salivating all over myself...

It was beyond delicious!

I am certain that there will be food in heaven!!

It's great to be surrounded by people I love!


  1. I love Chinese and Japanese food, but I'm not a fan of Thai! I hang my head in shame.

  2. that's it! i'm staying longer next time!

  3. ...speaking of hanging my head...happy birthday girlfriend! Man, my life is crazy right now and I feel horrid that I forgot yours this year. My goal is to have time to have time to have fun! I love having you for a friend and glad that you day was fun...forgive me yet another yea...

  4. That looks amazing! I LOVE Thai food. So much.

  5. That sounds and looks wonderful! It's fantastic to be spoiled by good friends!

  6. wow. very cool.
    i learned how to make dumplings today - that was big for me!