Friday, February 19, 2010

Five for Friday

1. Last week was Reilly's special week at school. I got to come into class for the last 10 minutes to read the kids a story. I chose this one called "Dog Food"...
It was the biggest hit ever! There were hardly any words, but we all talked about the creative pictures that were made from vegetables...

You'll never look at asparagus the same way again!

Look at his little onion pup! I can't believe how cute this is!

2. I keep forgetting to post about this, but for our December book club, we decided to trade our favorite books with each other and then discuss in January.
I was very excited to read Cold Sassy. Several pages into it, the darn thing started to self destruct! At one point, I was literally reading it "pamphlet style"! It sure made it easier on my wrist this way...but I felt like such a dip when I took the "pages" to a doctors appointment and noticed someone looking at my book wannabe!
I totally had to replace the book for the girl who lent it to me...
Has this ever happened to you?

3. We've been trying really hard to get Jake to the point where he can pass off his Bear in cubscouts and move onto Weeblos in March.

As previously mentioned, I've been frustrated in the past that he hasn't been passing many things off with his troop. One of the requirements was to visit a police station or meet with a deputy sheriff or other police officer. Since obviously this wasn't going to be taking place on a troop level, I had to make an appointment with the local police station to have Jake go in and have a talk with one of the officers.

It turned out to be quite interesting...He got to see a tazor, pepper spray, baton, handcuffs (he actually GOT handcuffed) and the police car. He also got to stand inside a closed jail cell...
When I let Ellie and Reilly go in, Ellie became obsessed with the toilet, so we quickly got the heck out of there....

Is it just me, or is this something that a troop should be doing together?!

5. I watched Lilly today while Leisha went to a dentist appointment...
Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this girl!!?? She is totally edible!
I couldn't resist giving her a thousand smooches...I'm pretty sure she was over me already...


  1. The cub scout thing is interesting. See, the program is designed to have parents work with their kids and parents can actually do EVERYTHING that needs to be checked off with their kids. Parents are under the impression that all they have to do is drop their boys off at the meetings and everything will get done. The recommendations for the den leaders actually involve more crafts and fun things and less of actually checking anything off. Some leaders DO try to make sure that the boys are checking things off. So it really just depends on the approach the leaders take. I will say that as a parent I had no idea how much responsibility actually falls on the parents until my son was almost 11!

  2. Maybe you've got tired scout leaders like me. I don't know about you but almost three years is long enough. I did have a police officer come talk to our den last year, though. We went to a fire station, too.

  3. you always seem to be performing super mom on a weekly basis. geesh. really, could you cool out, my guilt level is killing me

  4. that a neat experience for jake. i totally agree that is should have been a whole troup activity. who is in charge there? yeesshh! anyways, are you guy going to visit mom in august? i hope i can go too, then you will have another baby to coo over!

  5. YES- your troop should be doing this! Although it is great to have a parent do it too.
    Believe me, I know it is hard to do cubs... but it really is sad to me that people don't put their heart into it. Little boys are people too! I took my boys to the police station & they loved it. They were perfectly behaved & we had a good time. I shouldn't be such a "know it all" but dang- the adults in scouting are the ones who are difficult/weird the boys just want to have fun.

    what a darling baby you are kissing there! and how fun to read such a cute book at Reilly's class. That must have been a good/well loved book to fall apart like that!

  6. I miss reading to Whitney's class at school, I don't think they have mom's come in to do that in her class.

    Reading the book pamphlet style is funny! I hope you didn't miss any sections of the book.

    I would be SUPER bugged if I had to do those scout activities. They meet weekly for a reason! What's up with your troop?

    It's so sweet of you to watch Lilly. Our pianist in junior primary has the tiniest 4 month old baby ever and whenever I'm not conducting I go over and get him. It's nice to have a baby fix like that.

  7. my favorite part of working in kindergarten was reading to the kids. i have a major love for children's literature and have a collection i try not to feel embarrassed about. :)

    LOVE cold sassy! haven't read it in ages, maybe i need to revisit it. once, i borrowed a book and accidentally dipped it into the pool while reading. whoops. so now i own a semi-water stained copy of "forever" and my neighbor owns a crisp new copy.

  8. where's reilly in that picture??? did she like having you read to the class- nice job!