Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday, Smirthday

For my 39th birthday, I've compiled a list of 39 noteworthy things (and some not so much) that I've done in my life:

1. flown over Greenland & had an emergency landing in Iceland

2. married in the Salt Lake temple

3. blown a slide on a 767 airplane

4. had 4 wisdom teeth pulled

5. sat next to Johnny Depp on a flight to San Juan

6. raised day old ducklings

7. skinny dipped

8. worked as a salad girl, front desk clerk, floral designer, retail, & international flight attendant

9. snorkeled and swam with sting rays and nurse sharks in Belize

10. failed my driving test 2 times

11. won a blue ribbon for my bread and butter pickles

12. lived in NYC for 10+ years

13. brought a cat home from Caracas, Venezuela

14. seen Phantom of the Opera at the oldest theatre in the world (Drury Lane in London)

15. had my tonsils out

16. stabbed myself (accidentally) in the head with a pair of rose sheers (surprisingly, only needed 1 stitch)

17. traveled around Bermuda on a moped

18. rescued a pigeon and a baby mouse

19. arranged flowers for several weddings

20. ate a flying fish sandwich in Barbados

21. fallen asleep on the banks of a babbling brook in Bruges, Belgium

22. glued an earring to my ear

23. made a brief appearance on the Conan O'Brien show (in my flight attendant uniform!)

24. gave birth to 3 children (one of them was 10lb. 4oz!)

25. worn shoes for "looks" only

25. rescued a duck mother and her 7 ducklings from a Home Depot parking lot

26. got 2 speeding tickets (amounting to 4 points--had to take a class to have them reduced)

27. won a chili cookoff

28. drank a swig of Liz Claiborne perfume for fresh breath to impress a boy during study hall (not so sure this worked!) (really stupid!) (I hate Liz Claiborne perfume to this day!)

29. ate beligium waffle in the middle of the Grand Plaz (Belgium)

30. been to the David Letterman show twice

31. started a blog

32. visited Argentina (Buenos Aires and Rio), Santo Domingo, Haiti, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, San Juan, St. Croix, Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, London, Iceland.

33. had my house featured in a magazine

34. went white water rafting on the Black River

35. participated in a sleep study with my husband that aired as a two part series on the WB news in NYC...

36. had my house published in a magazine

37. lived on Betty Crocker butter recipe frosting and icewater for 3 days

38. a jeep safari trip in Caracas

39. met Martha Stewart! (and by meeting her I mean stood there with my mouth open while she asked us a question)

So there you have it!...Let's see what the next 39 years have in store for me!


  1. You have done some amazing things! My list would be far shorter...

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Wow Shannon, you've done a lot of fun and interesting things! Do you have video of your visit to the Conan O'Brien show?

  3. Good Hell, I forgot to say Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  4. I remembered that it was your birthday! But I don't have your address so I couldn't send you a card. You are a very thoughtful person! I love your list. You've done some really fun things!!!!

  5. I would ask for more details about this whole plane incident, but I am flying for the first time on Saturday since I've had a panic attack and I am NERVOUS. So I probably don't want to know.

    Happy birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I must say impressive list.....I am 40 and don't have that kind of list! I hope you have an awesome day! :)

  7. very impressive list. happy to say i was there for 2, martha stewart and the saving of the pigeon - which by the way still skeeves me out - HAPPY BIRTHDAY my talented friend, so glad i have someone so much OLDER and wiser than me. xo!

  8. Happy Birthday! (Your list makes me feel like a loser, FYI.)

  9. and just to think--- you came out of me!!!! :o)

  10. That is quite a list!! You have done a lot of interesting things, Shannon.

    ANd SHUT UP on #5!!! SO jealous.