Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mother Nature's Fury

This old cedar tree, that once served as a fort for the kids, protection for the chickens in both shade and coverage from hawks, a popsicle eating place, a cool hangout spot on a hot summer day, a pretty back drop for the shade garden in our yard and the location for last year's Christmas card photo...

...became this with last night's horrendous ice storm...

It completely split apart

 The loss of a tree always makes me so sad.  Seeing the tree like this just makes my heart hurt!

Here's the view looking back from the stream and duck pen

We lost about 40 percent of the branches from our white pine trees in the front yard

What a blow this was! The schools have been closed due to power outages.  They've turned one of the middle schools into a shelter.  Brian went to work this morning and said that almost every yard has a tree or major branch down.

We're expecting another snow storm to come in this weekend.
Argghhh....I've never been more anxious for spring to arrive! 

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  1. I'm always sad when trees get damaged! It's so sad to see huge trees that have been around for decades be destroyed like that.