Monday, February 17, 2014

Ellie's Half Birthday Surprise!

  Ellie's birthday is in July, which sadly, always means she gets the shaft for parties...
For the past month or so, she's been hankering for a "half birthday" party (one where she gets to take a treat into school and gets to invite a few of her friends over).

 I coordinated with my sister, Katie, to drive up last Saturday from Butler (6 hours away) with my niece, Josie, for a surprise visit.  

And what a surprise it was, too!  Ellie had NO idea and was caught off guard and THRILLED when she saw Josie walk into the living room.

Katie and I took Ellie, Josie and two of Ellie's friends (Megan and Tori) to Willowgrove Mall to the Cheescake Factory...The ride in the elevator was a thrill in it of itself for them!

While we were waiting, the girls danced around in this open square. I didn't try to put the kabosh on the high octane activity level since I figured it was better to burn off the energy here rather than in the restaurant.   It makes me tired just looking at this picture!  

Ellie loves Build A was her request...(On a side note--what a racket!  I have to contain my irritation at the highway robbery-ish-ness of it all)
We sure didn't have to twist any of the other girls' arms into going...they all were super excited!

Having Josie sleep over was an added bonus!  It was the best birthdays ever for her...
We're thankful to Aunt Katie and Josie for braving the elements to make this day so special for Ellie...

Quote of the week, by Jake...
"Aunt Katie, you drove 6 hours just to go to Build A Bear?"


  1. looks like a great time was had by all! happy half, ells

  2. Hehe, love Jake's quote:) love the pictures, Ellie looks so happy:)

  3. That was mighty generous of Katie and Josie to travel for 6 hours! Wow, you paid for 4 Build-A-Bears! That's generous too!

  4. SO HAPPY to see all your updates... makes me feel connected to the Monson's. :-)