Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Meet Clark...
my newest crush--
I mean, seriously, any guy that loves polka dots is my kind of man!

I went over to Kelly's this morning for her to help me with my business cards (I've decided not to go with the name "Shannon's Bloomers"--(even though I was in love with it!)--I'm going with something a bit more professional.

I'll post the results in a few days...

I went to BJ's this afternoon for groceries and ended up buying this huge MEAT LOG...
I needed ground beef, and this was $2.39 per pound...but it was such an obnoxious size...
It actually grosses me out thinking about this much meat jumbled together in one sleeve...why am I not a vegetarian again?
I seriously had to HOIST this bad boy up to put it in my cart.

Several months ago, I found a guy that makes farm tables out of old barn wood...
I ordered an 8 foot table from him and have been waiting for it to be finished...
He's been so busy with back orders so it took a little longer than I expected but he finally finished it!

We drove to Pottstown (hate that name by the way) on Saturday and picked it up (thanks to Bill Webster's pick up truck)...

I never thought I'd say this but I dream of the day when we own a (get ready!)....
pick up truck!!!
Think of the things we could do together!!! Hauling mulch, stones, plants, straw, duck pellets, tag sale finds...the list is endless!

The table is fantastic! It's completely rustic but smooth in spite of the rough looking surface...
The man who built it used a milk wash using carnation instant milk and then put a wax on it after it dried...
I think it looks very appropriate in a farmhouse setting...
What do you think?
Have you ever purchased a meat log?
Is Clark your newest crush?


  1. Clark is the cutest baby ever if I must say so myself. Happy to be the first one to comment about that. I love the last shot of the farm table. Looks like it should be in a magazine. That is just too much meat...gross...but nice nails, lady.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am in love with that table. It looks utterly perfect in your house. Clark, by far, surpasses the table though.

    Hey, you've got great nails! I let mine go, but am thinking of getting some gels put back on.

  3. I find the meat log highly disturbing as well and have never bought one. I do buy hamburger in bulk at Costco, but I get it in the package that has 12 half pound patties, so all I have to do is wrap those in plastic wrap and stick them in the freezer...minimal touching of meat involved.

    The table is gorgeous!!! I just adore your house and really would like to see it in person some time.

    It seems like a truck would be very helpful with your lifestyle.

  4. Why don't you can the meat?

    I am in love with your table, that is what I call FAB!

  5. i'm gagging on that meat- of course, staying up this late doesn't help! the table looks so perfect- as does clark! and .... yes, your nails DO look great...hhhmmm..:o)

  6. Love the table! It looks so nice! I used to work for a beef company doing customer service so that doesn't gross me out as much as it used to.

  7. Pick-ups are great just make sure you get a beat up one. I am no longer allowed to drive Seth's truck after putting two long scratches (like the length of the truck), one down each side. That mailbox came out of nowhere!! I am telling you, they are hard to handle especially for us clumsy folk. But great for picking up antique finds and for trash picking on Tuesday nights. Love, Meg.

  8. my latest crush is your table, tres beautiful. i will take that beautiful boy home and love him forever, so adorable. ok, the hamburger, how are we not ALL vegans at this point?

  9. I love the new table!!! I wish the guy who makes them lived by me.

    That is one HUGE log of meat. I don't think I have ever bought or seen a log of beef that big!!

    Clark is darling and I LOVE the curl on the top of his head. So cute!

  10. THAT'S A GORGEOUS TABLE! holy crap, i'm dying over it!

    clark is gorgeous, and so is the high chair! you have great taste.

    and that meat log, oh man, that is kind of gross. and i laughed when i read the vegetarian question because i ask myself this EVERY TIME i have to work with ground beef. yuck.

    i'm just so in love with that table! what the heck is a milk wash anyway? sounds, kind of stinky.

  11. I'm in love with your table! It's just perfect. And anyone who loves polka dots is a friend of mine.