Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reilly's Last Day of Kindergarten...

The day has finally arrived...Reilly finished kindergarten!
I can't get over how late school is letting out--it seems like everyone else is well into their vacations already!

Here she is with Miss Kennedy...

In addition to a gift certificate for the teacher gift, I potted up a thyme plant and made a tag with a bit of a play on words...

It seems like just yesterday when I was in kindergarten!...
This was my kindergarten picture--
I can't get over the resemblence between Reilly and me!

Reilly's classmates and friends...

This was taken on the last day of school with the teacher's aid, Mrs. Pickett...I really liked her...
I wasn't real wild, though, about my kindergarten teacher, Miss Murphy. When I was going to kindergarten, we went for a full day. I remember always having to take a nap. I always tried to sleep, but ended up fidgeting around the entire hour. Whoever took a nap got to have a jellybean from Miss Murphy. I, of course, never got to have one. I used to try and reason with her that no one was eating the black licorice ones anyway and so why couldn't I have those...she never agreed to my reasoning...
What a brute!

Looking back at this now, I see the motliest group of kids ever...yikes! That was Bryan, Texas in the 1970's for ya!

**Do you remember your kindergarten teacher?
**Do you like black licorice?
**Would you have considered your class a motley crue?


  1. I don't remember my teacher! And you do look alike!

  2. Mrs. Raam was my kindergarten teacher and all i remember is that during story time, I always had to sit behind a girl who had constant plumbers crack.

    (at the time, i had no clue what the heck plumbers crack was, i just thought it was funny that i could see her bottom.)

    ahhh, the things we remember from kindergarten...

  3. They thought I was partially deaf in Kindergarten. I was tested for hearing loss 10 times...Turns out I really just didn't want to turn around if the teacher was calling the other Heather in class so I developed selective hearing so I would not be annoyed that the teacher was calling a Heather that was not me...
    Thus the name Skye. Didn't want the same scenerio happening to her.

  4. I was just wondering who your daughter looked like and then you put your pictures on this post too and there is clearly a resemblance! I remember kindergarten pretty well. I neither loved nor disliked my teacher. Looking back, I only had a few teachers who I really liked. OK, so mabey only 1 teacher ... Anyway. I think your jelly-bean logic was good. I like the black ones. If I were your teacher I just would have said that if you laid still and didn't bother anyone that you could have one. Maybe I'm too nice to teach ... Your play on words with the thyme is clever!

  5. I had Mrs. Raam as well. What Katie forgot to mention, was that she was a really cool Indian woman. She brought elephant tusks in and other cool things from India. She died a few years ago.. oh, how sad... *sigh* the good old days.

  6. believe it or not- i remember a little bit of my kindergarten year- i was only 4 , but remember having to take rest time on a rug square- was i that little? we also had graham crackers and milk for snack time. neat post- thanks for the memories!

  7. Wow, Shannon, Reilly really does look like you did!
    Your Thyme- plant- idea was A DOOR A BULL! Teachers get the nicest presents these days. Thinking about the days when we were growing up...the teachers got "cheap little terrible handmade junk!" One year in Anthony's class the teacher got a computer Coach set and a $250.00 American Express card! I mean really...
    I also remember from my days growing up we were aloud to bring pets in for show and tell, unlike today they aren't because of "allergies???" GEEZE!
    Congrats to all of your kids for finishing the year successfully!

  8. those picture are so great! it's so fun to see you that little, and to see how much reilly looks like you! (lucky girl!)

    i remember loving kindergarten and loving my teacher so much that i CRIED when it was over. three weeks later (year round school) when it was time to go to first grade, my teacher, mrs. harrington, a.k.a. SATAN, took only about five minutes to quash my excitement and zest for learning. it took years to get it back.

    i love the potted thyme plant, such a great idea! you are darling.

  9. HOOray for kindergarten graduation!
    So great-- first grade!
    so sad too- first graders are really kids & not babies any more.
    I hope this posts... lately everytime I try to post a comment it kicks me off!!!! I'm still reading, really I'm here... I may just start emailing all my comments

  10. My kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Rainbow. Isn't that perfect for a kindergarten techer? I remember having to lay down and take naps in 1st grade, and playing lots of toys in kindergarten. I loved the big wooden toy kitchen.

  11. Wow, Reilly definitely looks just like you!

    How funny to think of you trying to reason with your teacher about the black jelly beans. You were a clever girl even way back then.

    I don't like black licorice at all.

  12. You and Reilly look so much alike!

    I hated kindergarten. All I can remember about my teacher is that she refused to believe I could read...