Saturday, June 27, 2009

Problem solved!

I hate it when I feel completely out of the blogging loop...

My mom came last Sunday and we had an action packed week that I'm still recovering from...(in fact, I ended up with a cold that has me feeling sluggish and drained). What's up with getting a cold in the summer?!

It was such a whirlwind visit that I forgot to picture document our activities...
(with the exception of this hideous picture of me the day she was leaving--I look dazed!)
It occurred to me shortly before she was ready to leave that we hadn't gotten one picture of our adventures or any self portraits together)

We spent a few days helping a friend of mine redecorate her house--(I'll post before and after pictures at a later date). We went thrift shopping for almost an entire day and found more treasures than any other shopping trip we've done)...I mowed one afternoon, bundled up lavender, hung new plates on my wall, repositioned family pictures in the hallway, my mom painted my ceiling in the dining room, and we still managed to take care of the kids, cook dinner every night and laundry...


The situation with my male duck never improved so I had no choice but to find him a new home for him. My neighbor, Jeannie, told me about a woman who lives about 30 miles from here who might be able to take him in.

After introducing myself on the phone to Janet, I enjoyed hearing about the animals that she has at her place. In addition to baby lambs, she has other sheep, a donkey, 3 peacocks, ducks and 2 border collies. She insisted that I bring the kids with me so they could help bottle feed the lambs.

(In her spare time, she also finds time to be with her grandchildren, garden, can fruits and vegetables, scrapbook and weave!) A girl after my own heart!

After bringing Henry to her house, she put him in a dog crate and set him down by her pond. Shortly after, the "welcoming committee" came over to check out the new guy...

She'll keep him in the cage for a few days just so he gets acclimated to his new surroundings. Apparently, if he's let out too soon, he would try to walk home.

These lambs were beyond cute! She has to bottle feed them several times a day...

The kids got to do one of the feedings...They were thrilled! Janet told me that the lambs have such a need to suck that she occasionally gives them pacifiers. I would have LOVED to see one of them walking around with one of those in their mouths!

Oh! to have a sheep farm someday! (sigh!) A girl can dream...
My horribly neglected roots are too much for this poor little guy...he can't even look at me! (I can't say I blame him!)

This male peacock kept showing off his "goods"...
The females were oblivious, of course! hee hee

After our visit, Janet took us to a nearby horse park where her grand kids were competing.

My kids seemed interested in learning how to ride a horse, and since Janet's daughter teaches riding lessons, I got the details from her on when she's available...I wouldn't mind taking lessons as well...
So things are back to normal...the ducks don't seem to be grieving the loss of Henry, and there is peace in the land once again...
**Do you crash and burn after an overloaded week?
**Have you ever bottle fed a lamb?


  1. wow, you had lots going on. I would have loved to see that lady's place with all the animals.

  2. I have not bottlefed a lamb before.

    And weekends are my time to crash and burn from the week!

  3. My neighbor was touched by the flowers. Thanks! And, my blog is

  4. Welcome back! I don't like feeling out of the blogging loop either, luckily the feeling doesn't last for long.

    I'm glad you found a place for Henry. It sounds like Janet has got an enchanted land going on at her place. How fun for you and your kids to get to bottle feed baby lambs! I've never gotten to do that.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you had a jam-packed week okay! I wish my Mom lived close and was young enough to be involved in projects together. We used to do that, when I lived in Denver.

    I'll be waiting to see the design make-over for sure! I'm sure it's way cute.

    Kudos on painting the dining room ceiling, as you know, there is no other solution in my design theory.

    Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, I didn't see you today, but just assumed that you were off on a "holiday" without the kids as I saw Brian handling everything quite well!

    The lambs, so cute.

  6. loved the pictures! yow! i didn't know you were sick- really enjoyed my whirl-wind time with you and the kids. i had a long day today- church, visiting several people- and mom and george- whew! i need a monday to rest up from sundays!

  7. Your blog wasn't showing up on my blogroll!

    Yeah, I'm still sort of recovering from our vacation. Sometimes the most amazing moments happen too quickly even to think of taking a picture!

    I thought the picture of you and the lamb was cute!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your before and after pictures of the redecoration!

    And your Mom is wonderful for painting the ceiling.

    I've never fed a lamb. It looks like a wonderful opportunity for your kids and so much fun. I love the peacocks. We have someone who lives nearby that has a herd of pea-birds. I've been wanting to try to take a picture. They are so beautiful.

  8. Shannon, your mom look so young! WOW !

    Sorry again to hear about the duck situation...and STOP GOING TO FARMS TO SEE WHAT ELSE YOU CAN RAISE!

    I have feed baby deer before that such the same way- it is amazing. But, I can't imagine after breast feedng my 2 children for 2 years a piece, that I would ever have the inclination to feed animal babies as a hobby,,, But, it sure is adorable!

    Any good places you can sugegst I can visit, to see animals "hands- on" with the kids this summer?

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Life seems to take over, especially in the summer, doesn't it? I have a few posts in draft mode that I have scheduled out. I just try to pop in and read.

    Anyway, never fed a lamb, but when I was little a goat tried to eat my shirt at knott's berry farm. Does that count? Just kidding. Have a great day.

  10. wow - what a week!
    so glad you found a good/ excellant home for Henry-

    I love that your kids got the chance to experience all that- how fun for them.

  11. I definitely (crash and burn) after a crazy week!
    I am so glad that Henry is moving on...he had too many issues;)
    What a fun spot for you and your kids! I loved seeing the kids feeding the sweet.

  12. Yes, and yes, which is why we never made it over to check out your garden. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. It's like a wildlife sanctuary! Eva is looking over my shoulder and was completely taken with the lambs and the peacock. Fun opportunity!