Friday, March 7, 2014

Father Daughter Dance

The Annual Father/Daughter event was tonight...

This year's theme was a"Sweetheart Dance"... 
I'm pretty sure Brian appreciated this theme over some of the others in his Father/Daughter night history...(ie...pirate, luaua, and an 80's theme which actually ended up being quite funny)

They've been so excited for this!  

The girls wanted me to do something special with their hair, but I have as much skills in the hair department as I do in making a flaky pie crust!

Fortunately, Rock Star Carissa Nielson came to the rescue after a panicked call this morning requesting her help.  She's great with hair and was able to whip up these hairstyles in no time!

I am so appreciative to her that she was able to make them feel confident about their hair.

 One last picture before heading out the door, to go home and put on the final touches!...

I totally scored on this dress...When all was said and done, I think I paid $12 for this!  Ellie loved it and couldn't stop twirling in it.

Reilly picked this little number out (and paid for it with her own money!)...
She was so proud of this--I thought she looked great!

There was much excitement in the air at this point!...

"We'd like to thank the Academy Dad, for taking us to the dance"

He's a great egg, that guy!
Dancing is totally not his thing, but he bucks up every year and makes this night a fun memory for the girls.


  1. oh my- what a night! yes, brian is a good egg, that's for sure and the girls looked Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Reilly looked SO grown up today in that outfit. I LOVE it, and wanted to tell her, but didn't want to make her feel, like, weird. And my girls were commenting on how pretty Ellie's dress is. He IS a good egg, for sure.

  3. Um, and Carissa is my go-to-girl for, honestly, almost everything. LOVE her.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!
    So happy you are blogging & so happy to be stalking... sorry not commenting so well... these days!

    Woo HOOOOO!!!!
    You have been missed & I love seeing you & wow- these girls are beautiful!