Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids say the !@#$% things...

This comes after a recent Family Home Evening on gratitude...

and after watching a docudrama about the struggles of the early handcart pioneers...

and after making a Thankful tree by writing down everything we're thankful for...

and after having oodles of discussions lately about how many blessings we have...


Ok, so we don't have a Wii, game stations, a basement or a trampoline. The girls share a room. We have an extremely outdated kitchen that is in desperate need of repair. But we are blessed! Richly blessed!

My friend, Amanda, recently recapped a talk she had heard from John Bytheway. The gist of it was how the things we actually complain about are the very things we've been blessed with. I.E...an outdated kitchen--at least we HAVE a kitchen, etc.

I have a dear friend who is contemplating adopting a child from a third world country. In our discussions, I have been acutely aware (more than usual) about the many things that we have been blessed with. We take the little everyday conveniences for granted.

If Reilly would have left out everything but the last line, I wouldn't be feeling so defeated right now.


  1. *sigh* oh man...

    thanks for this post. it made me realize i have a lot to be thankful for, even if we are a poor young couple living off of a college student's income.

    being a former kid, i can tell you that i always wished mom and dad would've had all the things for us that other kids had while i was growing up.

    being a shiny new grownup and mom now, i can see that she gave 110% effort to take care of us, give us a clean home, make best meals, and teaching us to remember who we are was #1 on her list. and as you are her protege, i know you are doing the same. and THAT is what they will thank you for when they are older.

    keep it up, Shannon. :)

  2. Wow... that makes you think.... Loved this post!

  3. I had to laugh at her letter - sorry...

    We do take for granted the things that we have and use daily. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    (ps, basements are not 'all that'. especially a leaky, spider filled one. )

  4. It's actually kind of funny...You tried... :)

  5. Please don't feel like that. Your right kids say the darndest things. No worries. I am sure, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Don't think you've done anything wrong. Later show them the letter and tell them how you felt when you read it. I am positive there going to tell you that they don't really feel that. Your a great mom!

  6. Yeah, I agree with katie on that one (on basements). Thanks for the post. It helps because I've been complaining and thinking alot about our house and the things we 'need' but don't really NEED to survive, you know?

  7. Remember this: Kids are dumb.

    Your kids are living an enchanted life right now and they don't even know it! Youth is wasted on the young for sure. You're doing a fabulous job!

  8. P.S. My kids will probably be sharing a room until they go to college, and whenever I start to feel badly about that I remember that just a generation ago it wasn't uncommon for families with 6 children to live in houses the size of mine. It CAN be done and there are definite perks to doing so.

  9. Reilly is just your "interesting" child. I am sure she will remember someday what a special place your home is! I remember fondly coming home to homemade bread (mmmmmm) I still love the smell. But, powder milk, I could do without!

  10. Sigh. Sometimes it doesn't sink in with kids when you'd like it to. Your family has a lovely life and your kids will have great memories and they will recognize it and be grateful sooner than later. :)

  11. kids don't always "get it" when the lesson is introduced, but it will come if you continue to be an example of that principle. i was frustrated on many an occasion when i felt like nothing i would do would be enough for the kids. there was always something "better" around the corner. reading nella's comments (sweet- thanks nells) makes it all better. hang in there and continue to let her (them) write their comments- as long as they don't close up to you- that's important.

  12. this literally made me laugh out loud. you have to see the perfect humor in this! so honest and so adorable. no matter what kids believe their life is "hard". it is hard to be a kid! ( parents are so dumb and don't know ANYTHING). you have to see the funny in this, keep this one forever too!

  13. Remember, she's reaching for more. If she settled for what she had and didn't try for more we would be disappointed. She's reaching for the stars! No where in the letter does she say I am unhappy with everything I have, she is just saying I want more. Seems to me she is learning nicely to be like her mom an amazing woman who can do it all.

  14. I had to laugh at Jill's comment. I too would be frustrated and disappointed with a note like this, but I do think it's important that she felt she could tell you how she was feeling. And, obviously, she started thinking about all you and her dad do for her, too. Besides, don't we all feel the same way from time to time?