Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five for Friday--A little of this and that...

1. Ellie lost her first tooth...She's probably the only kid I know that can just reach in and pull a tooth out without any tears or drama...

The going rate for losing your first tooth in our house is $2...

2. My friend, Angela, sent me this article about baby koala twins that were rescued from their mother after she was killed...

I can't stop looking at this picture...I've never seen a baby koala, but oh my goodness...isn't it precious?!

As my sister, Katie, said..."I want one!"

3. My latest purchase...and a frivolous one at that! (It holds as much value as those crows I just recently bought from Susan...but make me just as happy!)

When I saw this in a catalog, I knew I HAD to have it...

A. It's a duck

B. The newspaper is written in Creole (Haitian form of french) (I used to fly to Haiti when I worked for American, so this holds special meaning for me...)

C. It supports the people in Haiti...

I can't believe that with all the other things we need, that I actually ordered this and paid shipping! Isn't this the kind of thing that you hope to get as a gift?!

4. Almost every day this week, this is what Brian has been coming home to...

5. My recent trip to Monticello inspired me to complicate mean "expand" my garden in the front yard...

I hand dug a huge section out with the help of some of my grub loving feathered friends...

This was the final product...I transplanted roses from a few other places in my other garden and added a few new ones...

I can't wait for spring to see my vision come to life...


  1. The garden looks fantastic. When are you going to come over and tell me what to do with my space?

    I am impressed with the frivolous duck purchase. Sometimes that is just what we need.

  2. I love the missing tooth look on Ellie.

    I've never seen a baby koala at that stage of babyhood before, it's funny and cute at the same time.

    I absolutely LOVE the whopper note for Brian! He must love coming home to that.

    Your landscaping skills are so enviable!

  3. Congratulations! Remember to catch the Tooth Fairy whenever that next tooth pops out.

    Free with code ($10 value): Fairy-Proof

  4. love the tooth pic. and the gifts for brian- she is ssooo generous-

  5. your front yard looks like a post card, i knew you would love those weird looking baby animals. also, impressed with the frivolous duck purchase i think you should name him le canard

  6. I love that you still have roses, I still too but not as healthy looking as yours. You have so much energy. I love it. And how precious is the baby face of the koala is it? Oh my so lovely. I would kiss it and not stop. Hee Hee. I had fun seeing you at Susan's. Hope we get to be good friends.

  7. I love your yard!

    That is the sweetest thing for your husband to come home to!

    The duck is great and the proceeds went to a good cause. :)