Friday, May 28, 2010

Five for Friday--You take the good, you take the bad edition

1. I'm going to start of with my buzz kill news right away...
One of my female ducks died yesterday. I went out to their pen in the afternoon to clean it and noticed that she had never come out when Jake let the ducks out in the morning before school. It looks like she just died in her sleep, but I can't figure out what the cause was. the She was only about a year old. It makes me so sad. I've heard people say that they don't want to own pets because they worry about becoming too attached and then they have to deal with them dying, but I just find that my life is so much more enriched having animals in my life...

Case in point... Ellie wanted me to fill up the little kiddy pool the other day. I turned the hose on and went inside for a few minutes. This was the sight I saw when I came back out...

...and this was just moments later...cute, right?
Who wouldn't want to be a duck?! (except for the one that just died)

2. Ellie's end of the year picnic was on Wednesday...(93 degrees, people!) Imagine a day like this with 80 percent humidity! I looked like a wet mongrel by the time we left!
They had a mini "awards" cermony. The teachers told some personal characteristics about each child when they presented them with their certificate...Ellie was described as--
"Always inquisitive...and is everyone's friend"

She had a great time, in spite of the heat...
I can't believe that my youngest child will be going into kindergarten next year...
Wasn't it just yesterday that I was being induced?

3. Ice Cream...You scream...We all scream for icecream!
And indeed we all did when we heard crazy psychedelic music coming up our lane! Imagine the thrill! The icecream truck never takes a detour! This the royal treatment!
My mom had just arrived and she treated us all for icecream...

4. I helped my neighbor, Caroline, with a garden project a few weeks ago...
I've been secretly fantasizing about doing a makeover to the area by her back patio.
We planned a day to dig this area out...and dig we did! It was steaming hot and we worked our buns off (I wish that that expression were literal, because my buns are definitely still there).

This picture was before...

And THIS was after!
We filled it with some of the perennials that I divided, a few herbs and a miniature lilac bush...
This was so satisfying to be able to transform a space...

5. I've decided on a name for my little business...
Thank you to all my sweet friends and family for helping me with name ideas...
I decided on "Bloom"...(Amanda, did you hear me talk about it already? or was that just our spirits communing, as usual?)

My friend, Kelly, is a graphic designer and she's working on a business card for me...

Things are so crazy here right now...but I wanted to get something posted before I get so behind with documenting.
My mom and I are doing the flowers for a wedding reception/open house today...(we worked on them yesterday, but we're putting the finishing touches on today)
Next Thursday, I'm hosting a Relief Society Herbal High Tea at my house (50 + people), so there's lots to organize for that and my chicks should be arriving on Tuesday!

I'm running on adrenaline!


  1. I had no idea you were considering Bloom! I like one word names and just thought Bloom captured the essense of flowers really well. I just read over the other suggestions and noticed that Nancy suggested Full Bloom which I love too. Looks like she was on the bloom train before me even though I didn't see it. Good luck with the flower arranging today.

  2. I'm sorry I never came up with a good business name suggestion for you, but I love "Bloom"!

    I'm sorry about your duck. At least she died in her sleep and not by the paw of a raccoon right?

    I was so scandalized by the $12 we had to pay for 4 items from the ice cream truck last summer that I'm glad it doesn't come our way often. It was fun that night, but seriously, I could have bought 30 ice cream treats for that price!

    Your friend's yard looks great! You have a gift. Thank you for the gardening good mail you sent me this week! I just came inside (and really should be in the shower) from 2.5 hours outside weeding. I actually enjoyed it and am really hoping to turn myself into a real gardener this summer. Any tips on reading material?

    Ellie is darling!

  3. I think our icecream guy retired - I haven't heard that crazy music at 10pm yet this year. Very sorry to hear about your duck. :(

    I hope everything goes well with the wedding flowers today.

  4. shannon what is your email.. I want to ask you a few things

  5. this is from mom- i've been in the middle of all of this and i'm still in awe!

  6. You are a busy and talented person! Truly!

    And I really enjoyed the picture of your ducks enjoying the kiddie pool!