Thursday, May 20, 2010

A day spent with Susan

One of Susan's clients whose home is on the local tour of homes circuit, hired Susan to do the flowers for each of the rooms in her house. (Including her daughter's closet--what the?!)

She asked me last Sunday if I would be available to help put some arrangements together...
I met her at her house this morning at 8am and was met with this glorious sight!...

So after a lot of this...(I should have taken a picture of the carnage before we got everything cleaned up)...

And a bit of this...(roast beef with spicy bleu cheese dressing on a ciabatta roll--crazy good!)

We ended up with THESE...


And THESE!! (as well as several other arrangements not photographed)--we were scrambling towards the end because she still needed to get these delivered to Princeton, NJ and then drive tonight to NC for her granddaughter's birthday...(when does she ever sleep?)

I forgot to take pictures of these miniature arrangements that will go at each plate setting on her dining room table...(notice the cute little wild flocks (purple) that Susan dug out of the woods the night before...)

It was an amazing day to say the least...
It was so much fun spending time with Susan and learning a new way to arrange flowers...
I must admit that I was super nervous to help her out on these because I have a much more traditional arranging style, but I eventually caught onto her vision and all was well...

This was one of her lettuce arrangements (using different types of lettuce, cilantro, basil, hipernicum berries and tulips)...This never ceases to impress me...

I got to take home all of the overage flowers...
How bout those lisianthis, Susan? Not bad, eh?! (she calls those trash flowers and I must admit they're not my favorite, but I do like them in this arrangement...(the tall one).
My only regret today...not getting a self portrait together...dang!
And so ends a busy day...A hot bath awaits!


  1. holy crap. (hows that for a classy comment?) that looks amazing! I am talking about the sandwich... joking - the flowers look great.

    what are those green berries called? I love those and had them in my wedding bouquet.

    great colors!

  2. i'm just going to fold up and go home! incredible!

  3. She really has a touch, doesn't she? I don't think I would ever have thought to use lettuces and herbs in arrangements... Fun that you got to keep the extras!

  4. What a great activity to be involved in, she definitely chose the right person to help her! I love that you took pictures of all the flowers and wish that you'd taken a self-portrait too.

    What a score to get to take home the leftovers!

  5. I, like you, was scolding myself for not taking a self portrait! What were we thinking?!

    I couldn't have had a more capable and entertaining companion! What fun it was to have you as a creative partner to spring ideas off of and make sure that something "wasn't too dumb"...not to mention the expert clean-up you did after we left for the delivery! WOW! You can always be my helper with that benefit to offer! I could not have done the job without your help. As it was,by the time we returned from Princeton and finished packing the car, we didn't leave until about 6:00pm....oh, man, it meant a very late night (or should I say early a.m. arrival).

    The overages look like they made a great spread and I'm so happy that you could use them.

    And, for those fans of Shannon's work, look for her to be joining the Black-eyed Susan staff as one of my creative florists! Yea!

    Now I'm looking forward to the next fresh floral assignment! Hope you are too.

    Thanks again, cute friend and creative one.

  6. Wow!!! My favorites are the first, and third bouquets. I would never had thought to do something like that lettuce arrangements!!

  7. Beautiful arrangements! So, did you mention which ones go in the closet? :)