Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the heck Wednesday...

We have needed a new kitchen since the day we moved into this house! We've put it off and done other remodeling projects in the meantime, but recently, it has become more of a need than a want that we undergo an extensive kitchen remodel. (Things are breaking and leaking and at this point, it just makes sense to start from scratch). I need a new kitchen more than anything! I spend 80% of my time in there.

I've been in the process of meeting with a wonderful kitchen designer (thanks to Susan Taylor's recommendation) and have been loving to wake up each day knowing that in a few short months, my ultimate dream of having a fresh, new, roomy, functional kitchen will be a reality.

We decided to get a home equity loan through refinancing. Yesterday, the loan officer called and told us that due to the bad economy, appraisers are low balling the price of homes and because of this, after all is said and done, we will only end up with $5,000. #!*!@#

Translation: Unless a miracle happens, this is any many other gross aspects of my kitchen is what I'll be looking at for years to come.

The only way I can describe how I feel right now is as if I was treading water out in the ocean, waiting for someone to rescue me, and was told that help was on its way, only to find out that no one was coming after all...


And then, I went out to start my car this morning and found this CRAP FEST all over my stupid van.
Why is it that robins always come back a month too early? And WHERE, pray tell, are they finding all these berries this time of year? P.S. And why my van? Hasn't it been through enough already?

And last but not least, I spent over an HOUR in the @#!%@! doctors office today waiting for a simple ear recheck for Ellie.
Ellie has had a double ear infection since Sunday, but the antibiotic hasn't seemed to work. (Thank goodness I didn't take the doctor's advice when he said to hold off giving it to her as long as possible so she wouldn't run the risk of building up an immunity to antibiotics). P.S. I hate that guy! I would have loved for him to be at our house at around 10:30pm Sunday night when Ellie was dilerious with pain (even with Motrin).
She continued complaining that her one ear still hurt this morning so I called the doctor's office to see if they could just recheck her and possibly give her something stronger.
I was so disgusted that I had to wait for 45 minutes just to have a simple ear check that I actually walked out of the waiting room and flagged down the doctor! I'm sure I didn't endear him to me guessing by the flustered look on his face, but that's how it goes. I'm still not sure why a nurse practitioner couldn't have just done a quick check! Seriously! A baboon could have diagnosed this!
Ellie is on a higher dose of antibiotics now. Thank you very much...
I know there are big problems in the world. Seriously! These poor people in Haiti are suffering and are just wishing for the basics in life. I feel guilty for complaining over something so petty.
What does this say about me that I get so bent up about something cosmetic like a new kitchen?
Enough venting.
I'm over this day already!
Have you been pooped on today?


  1. I'm sorry sounds like a VERY poopy day. Poor Ellie, nothing worse than ear pain. I got those a lot as a kid.

    We've thought about refinancing our home and taking some money out. We'd probably be in the same boat. While my kitchen is in pretty decent shape, my floors just suck! I can hardly stand them anymore. I wonder how duct tape would look?

  2. the crap fest on your van, AND that you got a photo of it, made me laugh. but the kitchen remodel, oh man, i'm crying for you. that is the worst news! i know the pains of needing a new everything in a house, so i will celebrate with you when it all comes through.

    good luck!

    ps a few years ago, rich had a total crap fest on his little black sports car that is his pride and joy. and oh man, was it funny, i nearly peed laughing, especially because he was so disgusted! anyway, we both regret not having a photo because it was such an unbelievable amount of bird crap - like they ALL had diarrhea at once, so gross. so good job documenting something that you WILL laugh about later. :)

  3. holy crap fest! I actually feel a little better reading this knowing that I am not the only one getting the brunt of the crap fest.

    i wonder how many times i can use the words 'crap fest' in this commment. :)

    Tell Ellie that Josie mentioned her ears in her prayers tonight and probably for the rest of her life...

  4. ooohhh- maybe a visit from sherry aka granny will help-- but i don't know- this sounds pretty serious. keep thinking of what you do have- that may help- it has for me in the past.

  5. I have had a crap fest like that on my car and always feel like the birds are being disloyal since I'm so good about keeping them fed. Maybe they can't resist the lovely palate our dark vehicles give them.

    Your kitchen remodel sounds so wonderful, but $5000 won't go very far and that's too cruel.

    Poor Ellie! Ear infections are brutal.

    This cracked me up: "A baboon could have diagnosed this!"

  6. Oh, I'm about to cry over your kitchen. I am sorry, but that is more serious than Haiti. They weren't really disappointed; they have always lived in poverty without knowing that something was better on the horizon and it was yanked from them!

  7. What a disappointment on your kitchen! I hate when things like that happen.

    Also ear infections and antibiotics. I've had my lifetime fill already.

    Hope things look up tomorrow!

  8. Oh man. Sorry about the kitchen. Maybe you will still be able to figure something out.

    The ear infection thing: awful. I avoid going to the doctor because they make you wait SOOOOOOOOOOOO long. Grrrr. I get mad just thinking about it.

    I'm sorry. How could tomorrow not be better?

  9. Hmm... it looks like time to call Obama and ask him where the heck YOUR bailout is?? Ugh.

    I'm so, so sorry about your kitchen, that truly is @#$%^.

    I hope Ellie is feeling better soon; I remember having ear infections and that they hurt so bad that I honestly thought if I banged my head against the wall it would somehow feel better.

  10. So, so sorry about your lousy day. I'm not sure which is worse: no kitchen, bird poop, sick kids, or waiting too long. Yes, I was pooped on today. I was pooped on by the father of a jerky, lazy student I have this year. I hate stupid parents. Yup, I do.