Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Five for Friday (the midweek edition)

1. Ellie got invited to a birthday party last Saturday (the day of the big snow storm).
I had been trump carding this party for weeks...("Put your clothes away or your not going to get to go to the birthday party"..."Get your pajamas on or you can't go to the birthday party"...)
I was certain that it would be cancelled, but fortunately, they still had it and I maintained my credibility in Ellie's eyes.
I always marvel at the elaborate measures people go to for children's birthday parties these days...
At this party, the mother had hired a professional face painter and everyone left with a goodie bag with gift cards to a local bookstore! (Whatever happened to party bags stuffed with junky toys, candy and a pencil?) The dog face that they painted on Ellie was so well done...
I will admit that for Jake's 8th birthday, I went all out and hired a traveling zoo to come to our house. It was a little over the top, so memorable... But hey! You don't turn 8 everyday...
The next big shin dig will be his wedding....We should be done paying for the zoo party by then...

2. A sight like this can only mean one thing....
Why is it that I can own rats and hamsters as pets and rescue baby field mice, but the thought of a wild mouse running loose in my house scares the crap out of me?
The cats held a vigil the entire morning....
(update: I found the mouse at the bottom of a tall cylinder vase in my potting room a little while ago---dead). The poor thing got into it somehow, but wasn't able to escape)

3. Our little ratlings are getting bigger...
Brian will not be happy to know that I'm posting a picture of him with one of the rats on his shoulders...I stuck her there for a quick second and snapped a picture...(I think he is secretly intrigued by them)
They love to hang out in our sleeves and poke their head out. It's like a human hammock of sorts...
(this one's for you, Kelly!)

4. Ellie had her pre-school Christmas program yesterday...
She was so excited to sing all the songs that her class had been practicing...
This picture just really captures her spirit...

5. Bella and Lilly Atkinson spent part of the day with us...(Leisha had a few class parties to help out with so I watched the girls...)
Ellie was so excited that Lilly was going to be coming over...
She was so good with her--showing her age appropriate toys, feeding her fruit loops, patting her on the head. It was like the ultimate Christmas present!--A living doll...Nothing she gets from Santa will be able to compare to this...


  1. Wow, a professional face painter at a kid's birthday party, that's crazy! We don't get a whole lot of over-the-top around here because everyone has so many kids, but there are a few only children who end up with parties at bounce-house type places. My kids get parties in our front yard and nubby treat bags, but they love them!

  2. i have to show Josie these pictures - she loves seeing pics of her cousins. I love it how Ellie loves little kids and babies. :)

  3. Your rats are so cute! And I loved the cat picture!

    I still put junk stuff in the goodie bags. :)

  4. I'm a loaf when it comes to birthday parties because it seems I can never measure up to the limo ride to the movies. I mean, who does that? I am definitely a junk goodie bag person.

    I have to tell you running loose or as a pet, the mice or rats would totally freak me out. It's a rodent thing...

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love that Elle! She is a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  6. It was so fun running into you at the dentist! Nice to chat for a few minutes.

  7. Cute pictures. Thank you so much for helping with Lilly! You are the best, Leisha

  8. a live doll would've been my favorite present when i was her age too. who am i kidding - it would be my favorite gift NOW! :)

    jill's right that birthday parties here in utah are a little mellow compared, but my kids all got invited to a party of a neighbor a few years ago with a real clown, a real croc hunter with strange animals dressed in safari clothes, an ice cream bar run by a local creamery and a ROCK CLIMBING WALL. seriously. who can compete with that? her face sure looks cute though! :)

  9. You are going to have to stop posting these hideous pics of RATS if I am going to continue reading your blog! Ick!

    ps I really like that photo of Ellie. It is such a genuine smile.

  10. The picture of the cats is cracking me up! As is the fact that you can be scared of a mouse having the run of your house but also feel badly that he died. No sympathy from me!

    I love Ellie's face when the baby is lying on her, such delight!