Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh Rats!

In my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd agree to getting rats as pets.
Our hamster died about a month ago and Jake's been bugging me replace him with another rodent.
My friend, Terry, raises rats and just had a litter born about a month ago. She chose two of them for us and my mom brought them with her when she came at Halloween.
Jake was so excited...(and surprisingly so, I was too!)

They are very cuddly and love to nestle in hair...

The tail creeped me out at first, but I don't even notice it anymore...
From everything I've researched, rats make wonderful pets. They love human companionship and have great personalities...

So far so good!

***Am I nuts?


    Actually I have heard they are good pets too- since I have two stinky dogs I can't really judge... but I would've sent you the two dogs for FREE- with kennels & a months supply of food!
    I SAY GET RID OF THE RATS & TAKE MY DOGS- REALLY you'll love them ;)

  2. Um, not nuts, just on vacation from sanity. I'm creeping out!

  3. Ewwwwww. Totally totally gross. You've gone crazy. I am not coming over. ever.

  4. Yes you are nuts, but I don't like any rodents.

  5. You are such the animal lover!!! Yes you are NUTS!!!! My boys would love it if I let them have all the animals you have!

  6. The ones in the subway seem so much BIGGER and up-to-no-good. Your rats look cuddly and well behaved. Hope Riley is feeling better and you are all well.

  7. you look 18 in those pictures...maybe rats are the secret fountain of youth.

  8. We had rats for pets as kids and we loved them! We'd had hamsters and mice before too, but the rats didn't try to escape all the time the way the others did. I still think their tails are unfortunate, but other than that they're cute.

  9. ok, yes, a little. not for having them as pets, but the "nestle in your hair" part - YES! eeew. i think i would be ok with it if it stayed in it's cage, but NOT in my hair! ahhhh! i'm getting the willies just thinking about it!

    funny post.

  10. Ew! I hate rats, their tails totally creep me out. But I am cracking up about rats being the fountain of youth... no, still creeped out.