Friday, November 13, 2009

Five for Friday

Five for Friday posts are my favorites because they are filled with little bits of random happenings, which totally sums up my life...

1. Brian surprised me with these beautiful orange roses "just because" the night before my mom and sister came for their Halloween visit...
I was delighted not to mention shocked to receive something so unexpected...

2. Is it normal to have a favorite insect?
I adore praying mantises...This little lady was hanging on my door about 3 weeks ago (just before the leaves started to change)...
Last year, I rescued a praying mantis and made her our "pet" and she lived for about 2 weeks in our potting room. She drank water from the end of a toothpick and liked to sit on my hand. Her eyes were always watching...
I found several chrysalises in the spring...I wonder if the one in the picture is one of her babies grown up?

3. I'm all about being open with my quirks. I have a rather embarrassing thing to admit about myself... I'm a sucker for infomercials! The products they show always seem so handy and they convince me every time...(In addition to the Space Bags, Sham Wow and Magic Putty, here are a few other things that have caught my gullible eye).
The neckline slimmer seemed like the answer to my newly forming double chin. Surely, it couldn't have anything to do with the amount of food I eat, right?
The purchase of the neckline slimmer has provided Brian with hours of teasing material...

The Total Gym...
was purchased at a weak moment a few weeks after Ellie was born...(around 6:30am after being up most of the night with a crying baby). I was feeling fat and frumpy and the Total Gym seemed like the answer to all of life's problems...)--Incidentally, it has become the most expensive doorstop we own!

The swivel sweeper...
I had big pipe dreams of my kids fighting over who was going to get to vacuum the floor after meals. I thought since this was light weight, it would be perfect.
A girl can dream, right?

4. Reilly and I had some ridiculous argument Wednesday morning.
After she left to go to school, I went into the girls' room to put a few things away when I noticed this hate note prominently displayed on her desk....
Apparently, she wasn't having the same feel good feelings about me as she was the day before...I've been officially crossed off the dream team list...
Holy mood swings, already!

5. I saw this hot air balloon yesterday when I was waiting at the bus stop with the kids. It was so close that I actually thought it might land in our front yard like one did about 5 years ago. I ran up the street like a crazy woman to grab my camera...
Riding in a hot air balloon is on my list of things to do someday...

***When was the last time someone gave you flowers "just because"?
***Have you ever purchased anything from an infomercial?
***Is riding in a hot air balloon on your bucket list?


  1. My hubby doesn't buy me flowers just because. I have to buy them for myself. Weird quirk...

    I'm laughing at you for buying the neck slimmer. I bought Proactive off of an infomercial, btw, it works. I also bought some miracle diet pill that didn't.

  2. that balloon was beautiful! loved the colors.

    also, I had to laugh at Reilly's note. Out loud. That was truly funny.

  3. I love reading and writing 5 for Friday posts too! The hodge podge of real life randomness is so pleasing.

    How nice of Brian to bring you roses! I can't even remember the last time Randy brought me flowers...seriously, I shouldn't even try to remember or we may get into a fight. (Me and Randy, not you and I.)

    I think praying mantis' are fascinating. There was one on our lawn this summer as I was mowing the lawn and I kept making sure I wasn't going to run it over, but it kept inching it's way in the same direction I was moving, so every row I mowed meant watching our and then slowing down until it could scoot away from the mower. It eventually ended up next to the tree where our bird feeder hangs so I feared I preserved its life only to put it right in harm's way again!

    Tell me if that neckline slimmer works! It looks ridiculous, but my neck woes are the bane of my existence so if it works I'll get it!

  4. Reilley sounds like a hoot. There's always hope she gets it out of her system before she's a teenager?

  5. I think the flowers are beautiful! My husband has yet to give me flowers "just because". He's pretty thoughtful, but not so much with things like that. He's not a flower man. :(

    My husband bought power 90 on an infomercial. We've used it a ton. I agree that some of the thigns from those infomercials look so so handy!

    Your daughter's cross-off is hillarious!!!!!!

    I would like to go up in a hot air balloon too. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. my husband, yes MY husband, is a huge sucker for infomercials, he was actually really sad about billy mays (i was like billy who?) and yes, visit me in UT lets go on the balloon ride together they do them there right by my house, totally on my bucket list. you are a nature phenom, that is something -- even an insect is a pet for you!! (albeit a pretty cool insect, i will give you that!)

  7. i'm still laughing over reilly's list- she is something else! enjoyed your post- the flowers were really beautiful.

  8. Shannon, I LOVED Reilly's note. We talked about how to show love for our parents today in primary - maybe it made such an impact she re-wrote her note to the original!! haha. Glenn and I went in a hot balloon around 25 years back...I did not really like it very much actually. The basket is really small and if you are the least bit afraid of heights it isnt very you kind of have to crash land for the most part. Maybe you are more adventurous then me though.

  9. I am dying to know if the neck slimmer works....if it does I WANT SOME!!!! Be sure to let us know if it works or not. Infomercials make everything looks so great and awesome and you know you can't live without it!

  10. Gorgeous roses!! My favorite color of roses. I've gotten flowers a few times just because, but it's been quite awhile.

    I have never bought anything from an infomercial. I can't stand to watch them! But Jessie and a couple of my cousins are suckers for them (I don't know if they've actually purchased, though). I doubt anything can help my neck, but it sure could use a major slimming!

    Reilly's note is hilarious. Since I'm not her mom. Eva says things all the time that let me know I'm not her favorite.

    I'm WAY too scared of heights to go on a hot air balloon ride!

  11. i thought of a new job for you - you could start a blog that rates infommercial stuff for the rest of us. starting with the neck slimmer stuff, because if it works, i can't think of about ten people off the top of my head that will buy it! incuding me!

    i need to start five for friday posts, you're right about it being the little things that add up to being my life.

    gorgeous roses by the way, absolutely gorgeous.

  12. what a great friday five! I think i need to get the neckline slimmer . :)

  13. Here is the proof you aren't the only "ducky blogger" I was telling you about.

    or if that doesn't work: