Friday, July 12, 2013

Yellowstone Trip--Part 2

We met up with 4 out of 5 of Brian's brothers and his sister and all of their kids and Brian's parents, Pete and Judy...

It was really great to see everyone as they were all really little the last time they were all together...

We rented 2 cabins in Island Park (which is about 45 minutes from Yellowstone Park) on the Idaho side.
The bigger house/cabin was where all the kids slept and a few "lucky" adults...(tee hee...twasn't me!)

The girls didn't waste any time getting in the hot tub!
I failed to see the appeal when the outside temperature was about as hot as the water temp! ugh!

Who knew hunting for ground squirrels would be such a popular past time with the boys?

After watching an overview of the park at the IMax theatre, we headed over to Old Faithful to see the geyser go off...

Top:  Allie, AuBrea McKinnley, McKayla, Madison
Bottom:  Ellie, KarLeigh, Bailey, Reilly

Ellie took a real liking to Allie....

Shannon and Tawnya

We went on a hike...(which ended up not being all together).  Not sure how Libby and I got separated from everyone else, but we managed to take a few pictures of the scenery...

Isn't it amazing?

Probably shouldn't have been this close, but couldn't resist...
He seemed to have other things on his mind than me, anyway!

Yeah!  I cool is this?!  
This guy right near the road!

This was one of the views from one of the several sulfur pots located around the park...

We had a picnic in Mammoth where we saw a ton of elk just laying around.  Notice the babies to the right!

And this!  Wow...not something you see everyday, that's for sure!

After driving forEVER, we finally ended up spotting a bear.  A bear sighting had been tops on all of our wish lists!

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