Friday, June 3, 2011


I know most people could give a rat's rear about seeing pictures of well,-- rats!
But I am so smitten with them that I can hardly resist another minute of not blogging about their cuteness.

Meet Roxy.
She is our newest rat addition.
She's a double rex dumbo rat (are you salivating, Jesse?) I was thinking about you when we had the opportunity to adopt her. Didn't you say the next time you got a rat, it would be a dumbo rex?
She's rather homely, but in a cute sort of way...The lack of fur on the top half of her body gives her an almost newborn kitten appearance.

They love to hide in our hair...
Pepper is the little dumbo rat on the left and peeking out on the right is Roxy.

Peanut is our original rat. She loves hanging out on shoulders. Her sister died recently and we decided to find new playmates for her, which is why we have the other two. Brian wants nothing to do with this menagerie of animals that we have acquired...Look at all of the cuteness he's missing out on!

Rats are clean, intelligent, social, funny, loyal and just downright great pets to have. Once you get past being squeamish about the long tail, they are pretty much perfect in every way! They're like miniature dogs!

How could anyone resist this? Seriously! Kelly, I think you would even agree that this is too cute for words! No? Have I convinced anyone else out there?


  1. I literally gasped out loud when I saw your adorable dumbo rat. I think what I told you about was that I had a trifecta of super rat cuteness- a BLUE, REX, DUMBO rat. I bred her to another one for tiny cute little babies. I really want to get a couple of rats since it's been years since I had any, but I'm waiting for Fiona to be a little older so she doesn't squeeze them. She'll be 3 in September, how old do you think I should wait? Love them!
    What kind of cage do you have them in? Have you ever tried bird toys for them? they love them!
    What'd you name the dumbo? Where'd you get her? Are they getting along?
    Okay, I'm done now.

  2. the fact that they are in your hair freaks me out a great deal. but i do have to admit they look like actual cartoon characters from a very clever book that will be made into a cartoon musical by Pixar next July.

    but really... in the hair?

  3. They're adorable! Roxy looks like a character from a movie.

  4. Shannon I will never understand you, but I love you so much Anyhow!!

  5. OH My It's Stuart Little! Please put him in pants and a little jacket and snap his photo. He is a doll.

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  7. sorry, they're just not for me!

  8. I never liked rats--but when Ron Weasley's (Harry Potter) turned out to be Peter Pettigrew--they became even creepier!

  9. They look cute enough. Not sure I want one though...but your description with all of their accolades does pose room for thought!

    I'll have to admit the idea of having to cut up fresh food every night, even after a long late late night of "night shift" work at BES is a bit overwhelming and deterring!

    They're cute, I'll give you that.

    connie just doesn't understand! Pull up the post for her.

  10. Hells bells, I just lost my comment, what the?!

    I can't redo the whole thing, but they're cute okay. But not for me. Especially the late night food prep for them...aren't rats supposed to scavenge?

    Connie just doesn't get it! You're a nut.

  11. holy did my original post show up?

    Sorry. Redundant me.

  12. Hey, you should update your blog!! It's been way too long!:-)