Friday, October 8, 2010

Five for Friday--mostly feather edition

1. Ahhhhh....Fall!

2. This just sucks...

I just switched our sheets over to flannel and added another duvet.

Apparently, there was a tiny rip in the duvet that I didn't notice, so when I went to pull the covers up in the middle of the night, the rip got bigger and with that, created the biggest FEATHER FEST in the world.

I didn't realize what had happened until I choked on some feathers and kept feeling them on my eyelashes. I got up to get some cough medicine and glanced at myself in the mirror.

Feathers were completely embedded in my hair and clothes.

When I got up in the morning, I looked around the room and it was like a huge cottonwood tree had shed it's entire self in the night...

Every crevice and corner looked like this! And not just in our bedroom...

When I went to vacuum, the feathers just started blowing around the room...


3. I found this young morning dove by our front step the other day. I'm not sure why it was just sitting there. My cats were all inside, so I know it wasn't any of them that injured it...

I was concerned, so I put it in a shoe box with my fleece jacket and Ellie and I took it to Aark Wildlife.

I called 2 days ago to check the status, and apparently it didn't make it...

I feel guilty that I feel more sympathy for animals than most humans...

What's the deal with that?

4. While at Aark, I had to do a double take when I saw this guy...

Yes, indeed...he is a vulture.

His name is Frick.

His brother Frack was sitting on top of one of the cars...

I'm not sure if I find this slightly enchanting or disturbing...

5. I planted the urns for the front of Susan's store...

I was totally in my element...

Planting is soothing to my soul...

I was very happy with how they turned out...

**What soothes your soul?

**Any thoughts on the vulture?


  1. Nature soothes my soul--I love a good run/walk in the woods.

  2. Your planting always looks great.

    I've never seen a buzzard. It's not like a vulture right? So ... I guess it is nice that you have such diversity in the wildlife in your area.

    The feather mess sounds like a nightmare to clean up.

  3. I loved your urns at Susan. I don't remember if I emailed you to tell you how lovely they were. I love animals too and always say I should have been a vet. I have two dogs and love them to death. So don't feel guilty for loving them, they are God's creatures too and they don't talk back or get nasty like people do. I'm with you on this one totally.
    As for the feathers, well , if all our problems were as light as feathers.

  4. Oh that window box is gorgeous! I ache for some seasonal style at my house.

    The thought of you covered in feathers is making me laugh. That's a bummer about the ripped duvet, but is so funny to think about.

    I feel quite sympathetic for animals too. Maybe since they don't talk it's easier to like them.

    Great job on the urns for Susan's store, you have a gift!

  5. I love those fall arrangements!!
    Looking at those feathers just makes me sneeze:-)

  6. the picture of that vulture is perfect for should frame that picture...spooky! frick - love the name. you are so talented the urns are fantastic & and the window box too, so wonderful you know your element and you are in it! i saw a horse killed by lightening this summer and the vultures were there within moments. tragic. they really are icky.

  7. that poor little bird! i feel the same way about animals!

    great job on the urns!

  8. the planter is gorgeous - they ARE your element woman! you rock!

  9. I love my urns!!! I love that I didn't have to do the urns! I love that you did! Lots of comments and they are the perfect example of STYLE, which I highly approve of. Thanks!

    The duvet story is too funny, but ugh. That would really disturb my restful night.

    The vulture is quite a character! He looks like a wreck! Maybe another vulture will scoop down on him! Names, too funny.

    So sad about the pretty little dove. I spent my fair share of time at the Arc when my youngest, Jessie was a girl.She was an animal lover and protector as well, well, she still is!

    You are in your element for sure in the outdoors. Not me. Give me a space heater or better yet, fire and a hot drink anytime!

    Thanks again for the stylish urn designs. Perfect.