Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School (AKA glory day!)

Yesterday was the much anticipated
First Day of School!

Ellie has afternoon kindergarten this year, but for picture taking purposes, I had her put her school clothes on and join the other kids at the bus stop.

Everyone is holding up the number of the grade they are going into...
(the fist sign means kindergarten in case you hadn't guessed)

Jake is so proud of his new Vans...
(Let's get some meat on those ankles!)

Wasn't it just yesterday when I was going to kindergarten for the first time with my Rageddy Ann lunch box? (I had full day! Which included naps! Which I hated!)

They hate having their picture taken while getting on the bus...

I mean...REALLY hate it! I keep telling them that one day, they'll thank me...
(It doesn't help that I didn't get a good picture to start with and I made Reilly walk back down the bus steps to try for a better shot)...

When I finally dropped Ellie off at 12:40, she was so excited, she could hardly contain herself...

3:45 came very quickly...But to see a smile this big was worth it!
***What kind of lunch box did you have?
***Do you think kindergarten should be for a full day or half?
***Do you try to recreate moments for picture taking purposes?


  1. haha, i can just imagine the kids loving having those pictures taken:-) Ellie looks like she loved her first day! Aww, I miss those kids!

  2. first day of school- must have gone thru hundreds of them - some were bittersweet, many were fabulous! gotta love those teachers! i could feel reilly's pain!

  3. Yeeha for you! Getting the last child to kindergarten is a major accomplishment!

  4. I'm all for full day kindergarten--but I don't think my kids would like it. I always went home for lunch--so no lunch bags for me! I'm also glad summer is over--and I'm still not blogging. Oh well!

  5. So far, all of mine have had all day kindergarten. Vivian leaves at 7:30 with Gabe and gets home an hour earlier at 2pm. I miss them, but they love it. Skyler is in middle school this year and I often don't see him until dinnertime :-( Now that you have a few hours to yourself, check out our blog when you get a chance!

  6. still remember the grape kool-ade from my lunchbox thermos - no juice boxes back then, it was oh so yummy. kudos on the perfect pictures. Esp. love the cooperative stepping on the bus, so cute.

  7. oh yes- i love that picture of you- that was one of my favorite outfits of yours- the good ole' days!