Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This I know...

1. A good time was had by all at our recent egg hunt...I love the absolute look of joy on everyone's face...

2. I love buying new Easter dresses for my girls every year. I'm glad they still indulge me and let me dress them alike from time to time.
(Since we didn't go to church on Easter Sunday
this year because it fell on General Conference weekend, they wore their outfits the Sunday before)
3. My spring/summer fling, J. Deere and I picked up where we left off in the fall.
Reunited...and it feels so good!

4. I saw a MINK (what the?!) scurrying across our lawn yesterday!!!!!! Fortunately, I was able to find him again after I ran inside to get my camera. These things are nasty little boogers and not a friend to ducks, by the way. I'm nervous that we've got mink in the area now...

5. I always forget how much I love springtime! It's such a gift to have this kind of beauty after a long, snowy winter.

6. When my mom came for a visit recently, she helped me with the massive undertaking of repainting my dining room (first coat was wheatgrass--which was a gorgeous color but ended up being super gloomy and shadowy at night) so I repainted it the same color as my kitchen...which is silvery sage...

I love the contrast of the silvery sage with the hallway's new color of gold strand...(all of these colors were per Susan Taylor's suggestion)...that girl knows color!!

Here's a shot of the gold strand in the hallway leading into the old living room which has svelte sage on the walls (and ceilings!)...All of the woodwork (oh! so much woodwork!) is painted in pear tint...

As if all of that painting (including the upstairs hallway and trim) wasn't enough, I painted the laundry room in wheatgrass. It's such a fresh color, and I hated that it didn't work in my dining room, but because this room has a pot light on the ceiling, there aren't any funky shadows being cast. I love this room and the framed piece of fabric goes perfectly with the new color!

7. Window boxes make me just plain happy.

8. I love having opportunities to participate in my kids' school. This was taken during a mystery reader Friday for Jake's class...

9. We got a new car! (Well, it's a new "used" car, but's new to us!) I love it! My poor van was on it's last legs so this was it's replacement...a Ford Freestyle! It's a conversion utility vehicle--it almost looks like a jacked up station wagon. It can accommodate 7 people plus cargo space...I've had a blast driving it...

These white instrument panels are so fresh looking to me...

10. I'm not sure I'm ready for summer to be here...These are just a few samplings of misdemeaners I discovered during spring break. I know now why they call it spring BREAK!!!
(I think they're referring to my nerves!)


  1. I am so happy to see you here today
    WOW- woman you can get stuff done! Holey moley... you have been busy :) GOOD FOR YOU!
    I love the picture of the easter egg hunt & you on the tractor & the window boxes & spring - I guess I love it all.

    by the way- spring break nearly broke my nerves too-
    only 61/2 more weeks of school here- heaven help me!

  2. I'm glad you're posting! Your home is like something out of a magazine, and I am jealous.

  3. I missed your posts!

    I'm so jealous about your egg hunt picture! It's fantastic! I don't think I've ever gotten a good egg hunt picture. Seriously! It's great!

    And wow, the mink! That's crazy!

    I'd be interested in learning more about the cargo space on your new car. I love my mini van but I've thought about getting something different when we get a new car. We need something that seats 7 but I wonder how much cargo space can you really have in a smaller car that seats 7!

    Spring is beautiful!

  4. Your home looks lovely. Your kids are so cute. Love your blog.

  5. I love all of the paint colors! It looks so beautiful...I cannot pick paint colors. I've never seen a picture of a real mink. i probably should not admit that, but it's true!

  6. the paint all looks gorgeous! and guess what? i just painted MY laundry room too! (after patsy helped me de-wallpaper it-that girl is a gem) it's yellow and makes me so happy. i love all that you've done, your home is darling! some day i swear i'm stopping by to visit. i just cannot ever get over your beautiful land - you're right about spring being such a blessing.

    so glad to see you today!

  7. Your painting looks great! Now you can concentrate on your beautiful gardens. Happy Spring!

  8. Welcome back Shannon! Your pictures are wonderful! I have to actively work not to feel jealous of your beautiful home and yard, but I'm doing it. I worked for 2.5 hours digging grass out of one of my flower beds today and hated just about every minute of it, so I'm not worthy of your huge yard and gardens!

  9. P.S. It feels like I confess this sin of mine every time.

  10. I'm with Jill--I'm really working hard not to covet your beautiful yard and gardens! Then I remind myself of the work involved--oh, THAT.

    I love your wall colors, and especially that cute piece of framed fabric! I'm hoping to get to my RS bulletin board soon, but I've got to find just the right piece of fabric for the base.

  11. congrats on the new car! woohoo.
    oh the paint colors, have mercy. they look so beautiful. i have been so itching to redecorate but i feel like a new color pallet is out of my reach, but this just looks fresh and amazing. love the kids on easter egg hunt those are the best kinds of pictures with kids.

    your house and yard look as amazing as ever. i really need to stop reading this blog and get my butt in gear.

  12. Love that photo of you on the tractor! That is way too cute, and so perfect for you! Can you just imagine me on a tractor??

    Love the way the house is looking and way to go finding a place to use the wheat grass. Sometimes the light exposure does a real number on a paint that you love elsewhere. Good move.

    Get that mind trapped and soon. I could use a cute new collar.

  13. make that a "mink"'s been a hard day. See you in the morning!

  14. You see a mink, I see a scout project resulting in a Mother's Day gift. Think about it, Jake.